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467w / 2700k / CFL / WhiteWidow / Foxfarm / SCROG

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by lscheres, May 18, 2010.

  1. oh ill definitely post many pics and a detailed smoke report lol.

    ya i tried to fit as many as i could without making heat impossible to control, even with this many its still really hard to keep things coo, luckily we've had some cold weather lately.

    Thanks! its always nice to get some positive feedback, ya CFL's are the shit especially for scrog'in it just made sense, if the bulbs light doesn't go far, get the plant as close to the light as posible lol so a scrog just made perfect sense to do, i kinda decided like half way through vegging to lol. ill post some update pics tomorrow for sure, since its my first day off work in like 2 weeks lol.
  2. How wide are you expecting that beauty to get?

  3. its 2 ft wide right now and thats about it, im going to cut down in 2 weeks. heres some pictures of some shit i took today. im having powdery mildew problems, going to get a de humidifier and try one more time with the neem oil this time with a tooth brush and brush in on just the spots of mold, i sprayed the plant twice over 4 weeks and i had some suffocation problems and alot of leaves died. so im going to try and salvage what i can and make honey oil with what has mildew on it. im hopin i get atleast some smokable buds. the last 2 pics are of a nug that stopped growing and topped off then had a growth spurt and grew another little nug on top.

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    Your so lucky that in the US you can hookup a bulb straight to a socket via an adaptor. We dont have anything like that in the Europe :(. Did you consider using beer can reflectors or is the Mylar workin out better for you?
  5. They sell some stuff for powdery mildew that's just corn oil/clove oil/cottonseed oil, which should be safe to spray on the budding plants.

    SaferGro Mildew Cure is what it's called.

  6. LOLL!!!

    The gary coleman (RIP) of nugs LOL!!!:hello::hello::hello:
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    HAHAHA nice, ya its kinda anouying cuz the bottum 80% percent is done and the top 20% is all white hairs and wierd

    Ya i have neem oil, ill use that one more time as a spot treatment and hope that works for 2 weeks

    Ya those adapter are so cool, and you could buy something similar online maybe. Im going to build a similar hood for some HPS bulbs like the picture below, i figure 6 - 150w HPS in a 3x6 housing, would do wonders in a scrog.

    Metal gets way to hot, my hood is a big piece of Some stuff like cardboard paper, called chipboard, its like a 1/32 " thick and the mylar(emergency blanket) works so well and the fan make it move so it reflects light is all difference directions. its cool to the touch all the time, even when its 90+ in there.

    i clipped on nug that had a little powder on it i blew most off and put it in the oven for a while and am now hanging it to dry the rest then ill jar it for like a week and see how it turns out. so far alot of the mildew went away.

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  8. im starten a cfl scrog to but i dont really know how close to put the lights to the plants
  9. do u know howmuch the electric increased for running that

  10. i try for 1 to 3 inches away from the bulb lol

    about 5-10 dollars a month more, 10 in veg and around 5 for flower, and its alot of fucking light, i could grow two plants under it if i spread them out more.
  11. what/how many cfl lights are you running during veg, flowering. thats one beautiful ladie u got growin
  12. ive got 12 - 26w - 2700k CFL and 3 - 43w - 2700k CFL and 1 - 26w - 6500k for flowering and for veg i use the same setup just all 6500k bulbs. And thanks!! she appreciates the comments lol

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