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  1. Hello grasscity, first time poster long time reader. ive been lurking for years waiting to show what ive learned and so far im proud of were i am. Ive got 1 plant in a SCROG with fuckin to many lights above it, lol its like 13 26w 2700k CFL and 1 26w 6700k, and 3 big 43w 2700k bulbs above this one plant. shes been given more then enough attention and looks like shes doing pretty good, im using a little more then full strength trio fox farm nute pack(tiger, big bloom, grow big), fox farm ocean forest. Shes at 5 almost 6 weeks flower right now and i plan to go for 12 weeks( vegged for around 4 weeks, it was a clone from the store, tried to take a couple clones and it didnt work, slowed her down a little ) so ill start a flush around week 8 or so depending on how fast she starts maturing. Any tips or opinions are welcome, ill try to update as much as i can, i already have another journal on another site, just thought id spread the knowledge and love back. First four pics are most recent, i change setups like every day lol, theres dates at the bottom for reference

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  2. I love these from scratch grows where the grower takes the time to build a setup from scratch that yields good results. I think this is awesome. It's well thought out and producing dank looking colas. I love it.
  3. Thanks man! ya lol i started out in a box a quickly moved out into the closet. heres were i was like 2 months ago.

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  4. Very nice. Is that just one plant? Gives me hope, I have one WW and one Northern Light growing. Just a week and a day old, but I am going to scrog it in a DR80 tent. Man, if I get anything close to your results I will be the happiest guy on earth. Great job.
  5. ya just one plant, top them as early as you can, and start using string to tie things down and make them as bushy as you can before you put them under a screen, ive got another thread that has pics from start to now if you want ill post you a link, its a good read with alot of pics
  6. Verrrry nice!!
  7. dude i love your cfl setup, cfl's are so badass i love them they're like the honda of growing lights cheap but with modifications can do well :)
  8. thanks! ya with a couple bulbs and a couple bong bowls you can have a nice little setup lol
  9. That looks great man, good job. I am doing my first scrog and it helps to see successful efforts.

    :wave: :smoke:
  10. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k36uIPigaJQ]YouTube - Week 6.5 flowering White Widow SCROG[/ame]
  11. Very nice, man!
  12. ill be posting some nice pics as soon as i get home from work!!!
  13. Gret job man! I love a good DIY man, I had lots of fun doing that, spent way too much time at Home Depot LOL :smoking:

    What breeder is that WW from? They are looking good and should be getting nice & fat on you :cool:
  14. ya the diy is really fun, i dont know the breeder its just a clone from the store, i dont even think its white widow, its not so white lol, but it looks and smell really good so im not complaining it was a 20 bucks well spent. they've been fattening up quite nicely ill post some pics here one day lol
  15. im going to say 5 stars all the way, i have to agree with the first poster on the fact that this is from scratch, to me thats important., but just to let you know with all due respect, sometimes that many fans blowing on the crop can stress it, direct wind can not only dry out the colas but can cause other problems too.
    hermie, growth, ect.ect.., but cheers to you on a great looking set up.
  16. Thanks for the advice, ya i was kinda wondering about the direct wind but so far i haven't noticed anything and i only have 3 weeks left. I watch the humidity closely, and those little fans dont really do much air moving lol just kinda to keep the air moving. ill probably post some pics here soon, ive just been lazy. Smells better and better everyday
  17. Looks good. Always good to see people disproving myths about fluorescents.
  18. looks insane dude i wish i could use that many cfl watt but im stuck with only like 150w
  19. Looks good man. Love to see what the end product looks like:hello:

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