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  2. I have tried most of those, and your right, rose tastes just like....well....you know

    my favorite of those is probably cola

    my ALL TIME favorties though are clove and the mint flavors, gives a very menthol-esque flavor to the smoke
  3. i havent tried any of those flavors but i have had watermelon..which was awesome...and passion fruit..which i think sucked.
  4. Was the Rose at least good, though?

    And did you try either the Graham Crackers or cinnamon? Those are the two Im most interested in.

    I also expect honey will be quite nice.
  5. Ive tried all those minus the graham cracker and honey.

    My favorites are Orange Cream, After Nine (chocolate mint), and Rose and Lemon mixed
  6. yeah, it was pretty good, its pretty mild so most people like it.

    I have tried honey too and it was pretty good, also pretty mild which is good for party settings so everyone can atleast enjoy it.

    I have had cinnamon too, but I don't remember a ton about it, meaning it was probably good, not great, nor bad. Graham cracker on the other hand, I have never had, but it does sound delicious.

    the tastes are very subjective, meaning some people will love them and some people will hate them.
  7. i would so be into trying graham cracker!
  8. Fuck yeah, it sounds so randy.
  9. Rose is reeealllllyyyy good, with mint too. mint and anything is good :metal:
  10. i personally dont like hookah hookah brand
    i smoke Al-Waha
    delicious :yummy:

  11. hell yeah man, Ive had the Grape and the 5 Stars. both were very good. Im glad the shop i buy all my shisha tobacco at has a wide selection of all different qualities.
  12. you must let us know how the graham cracker tastes
  13. Oh for sure, I'ma rate all the flavors.

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