46 degrees + North, Who has finished? What are your strains? pls

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Ragnor, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. OK, so here we all are riding the razors edge on temps and humidity. Hoping beyond hope for fair weather.
    Yet a buddy of mine got luck of the draw on a seed I gave him and it is completely finished already. One down and dry! woohoo!
    So I am wondering what early outdoor strains are working for my northern brothers and sisters?
    I am talking photo-period induced flowering here. I don't wanna play with autoflowering at this point. I want big girls!

    So if you have already finished your ladies off and are 46 North or above I would love to know what strains you are running and they're attributes.
    Thanks and good luck be with you all.

  2. I'm primarily an indoor grower, but being a gardener my entire life and only having been able to put the indoor grow together over the last couple of years, I've grown plants outside for years and years. Since I've gone indoor, I don't do much outdoor growing anymore, but this year I had 4 mother plants in my veg space that were just taking up room. I get this stupid emotional attachment to these plants for some reason (LOL) and it breaks my heart to toss one. I had decided not to do the mother/clone thing anymore and just take my future clones from developing clones in veg, so I put the mothers out on the deck. I had one white widow plant and 3 Critical Kush plants. The Kush, which really hasn't been a super great performer in the indoor environment, went WILD outside. The buds tripled in size from anything I had grown of that strain inside. I don't know what the heck it was about it, but they soaked up that sun and were just gorgeous......until the bud worms got on them and induced bud rot. I ended up losing 70% or more of the 4 plants by being ignorant and not keeping a close enough eye on them. Lesson learned. I had decided to cull the Critical Kush because it had been an under performer during flower, but am going to keep the strain going so I can give it another go with a few outside next Spring. As far as long/lat....I have no idea. I'm in the SE US and we are getting pretty deep into the Fall season here. Humidity has finally lifted and temps have eased to some degree. Was able to get the 4 to the recommended 55 day flower period length, but had been hoping to let these girls just sit and ripen until forced to pull them. Oh well, will try again next spring and be much more aware of what's going on next time. All this to say that I know for sure the Critical Kush is a good outdoor performer. TWW
  3. I learned something amazing back in July, it shocked me. I was playing world of tanks with some guys in California I am up here in Washington. They were talking about it being dark outside at like 8pm. I was shocked because it does not get dark here in july till about 10:30 pm.
    That made me realize that people South of here really have it easy as far as buds getting done before the bad weather sets in.
    I always just figured the closer to the equator , the longer the days. I guess I was looking at it all wrong.

    So up here our plants start flowering later and get bad damp cool weather sooner. 46 degrees North starts right about the Columbia River.

    Strains like Super Blue Dream that are king of weed in California have a very hard time finishing with a quality product up here.


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