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46 days into flowers nextlight current culture

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by alexdodge, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. don't worry buzzer. Your still part of the family. :)
  2. laughing.gif laughing.gif laughing.gif
  3. Hey Alex. Since you have individual plants, consider doing a massive defoliation around week 7 on one of them. You may find that when you get 4-5 inches deep, the buds are a much lighter green and less developed. That will help. If you hate it or the time spent doing it, then stop
  4. That it is; and I've been told their customer service is superb...one of the reasons they got business. How many plants on your tables?

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  5. 9 per 3x3 tray. Clones transferred to rw day 1 of flower. They get a 9-10 week veg, 3-4 toppings and bit of defoliating. I harvest and transfer to flower next day.
  6. service is better than superb. I had a transformer malfunction in a veg8and they had one delivered to my local shop in 3 hours! Granted....i am close
  7. [​IMG] it's time for their 48 hours of dark then it cutting time

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  8. if you gotta the 300$. Get a 2 in 1 leaf trimmer on ebay. Wow does it save time.
  9. Busy day today?
  10. Well? Any preliminary numbers?
  11. We have been busy for sure, it's a process. 3.5lb and still a whole tote to go

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  12. [​IMG]
    You'd be done already with one of these. I got 2, and soak one in alcohol too clean while the other is in use.
    I pull major fans off beforehand, and a few big sugar leaves, take it down to smaller size and dump it in a few handfuls at a time
  13. Trimming machines fuck up your buds. They're a gimmick or for commercial growers who don't care about quality. Hand trimming signifies quality. Machines equate to laziness and poor practice.

    Even when I have 200 pounds of outdoor to trim I would never consider a machine.
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  14. Unto each their own.
  15. Wrecks bud and trim quality for extraction but definitely saves time

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