45W LED enough for 2 plants?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by spaceghostbrah, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Is this amount of lighting sufficient for 2 plants or one plants?
    I usually hear 100w is needed for one plant and then 50w for the extra plants
    or does 45w amount to 200W or less?
    I plan on getting this with the 45W LED lights http://www.mrgrowpro.net/

  2. Why not make u own?

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  3. Keep in mind most LEDs operate somewhere around 2/3 of their stated wattage, so you're likely to get 30W out of that light (assuming it's a high quality LED, your link is broken).
  4. It won't be enought.
    However those led bar looks like the best option for side lighting :eek: (a must with leds)
  5. it can work. 40g possible to get from a pc case. 
    google this:
    Pinstripe's 2nd try
    I am making a box with ~40w as well
    The thing with leds is, the "100w per plant" does not apply, another rule is used with leds, that is 60w used power (not advertised) per 1 sq. foot.
    My pc case is like 0.4 sq. ft. Though it will be my first grow, so we will see how it goes. will do 2 autos in 2.5 liters hempy buckets.
    And dude, like austyn said, consider making your own, much cheaper. And its pretty cool to know that yue maed dis :D

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