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    I have a 450 viparspectra, will it be sufficient enough for me to grow some nice Buds? 2 plants 3x3 grow space 15-17inches off the tops.
  2. Its around 200w, probably less. 32+ watts per square foot is what you should have. You have 28, so.. close enough :thumbsup:
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  3. I'm assuming you meant "sufficient" ;)
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  4. Yes, thank you. I was hoping it would do the trick as I'm on a budget but don't want to waste my time growing airy crap bud.
  5. As long as you don't have to raise it too far away from the plants to get coverage on two and can still leave the plants enough space to spread for light to penetrate the canopy. LEDs generally don't cover near the sq. footage of other lights because they are small bodied and only shine straight down...no reflection help from the hood or anything. Try it with two and if you don't get the bud development you think you should, try it with a single plant next time. You'll always get more off one plant that is tended properly and gets all the good quality/high wattage light it needs and space to grow than you'll get from trying to grow three in the same space. But give it a shot and see how it goes. TWW
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    If you are on a budget DIY is the way to go. Bridgelux EB strip build is probably the cheapest and easiest. And you will get waaaay better results. As far as I am concerned these days you are throwing your money away on those retail blurple lights. Samsung F series strips too if you want to get super efficient

    For example, I bought
    12 560mm EB strips $135
    2x HLG-185H-C1400B drivers $165 (200 watts rated)
    Spool of wire, dimmers, aluminum frame and misc $ 100
    Total: $400 for a potential 40 to 400 watts
    And thats Canadian so at least 20% less in the US.
    It is all solderless connectors and you string them in series. Super easy.
    Which in your tent would kill. You wouldn't even need to crank it up past 300-350 probably.
    For budget reason I am driving them at 1400ma, which is the upper rating, they get more efficient down around 700-1000ma

    The strips also come in 280mm and 1120mm lengths

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