450 watts of Fluoro's in grow box

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Quader, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. High, my grow box is a 45 gallon Rubbermaid tub, and packed in alot of fluoro's all along the sides and put 2 65 watts on the top of the tub with a mix of warm white and cool white's for a total of 450 watts, I have 3 females all LST'd and plants are bushy, vegged for 5 weeks from seed have mutltiple tops on all 3 and have been in flower for 1 week today my question is not all the lights are right over the plant, like for instance 1 plant has 60watts on it the other has 50watts and another has 2 42 watts over it and the other lights are on but not right over directly on plants, is this ok, usually I use my 250 hps and well 1 light covers it but with fluoro's for flower Iam new at but have seen pic's and that is why Iam using fluoro's plus stealth is a concern. Iam not sure on my square footage either but I think it's like 3-4 square ft. so I think I my have enough light for the square footage over 50 watts a square ft. Iam just experimenting to see what happens and how much bud I'll get from this set-up, so Iam just asking because it's a total 450 watts in there but not all plants have the 450 watts directly over them. Any input on what I said all plant are like 6-8 inches tall if they weren't tied down and LST'd they would be 14 inches tall or so. Thanks for any helpful advice.:)
  2. nothing? 7 people and no replies huh.... no worries mate, I aint new to this, just wanted to see what you so called experts think, cheers.
  3. Not an expert but can offer a thought. Wattage sounds fine. According to Mel Frank Marijane will grow with as little as 15 watts per square foot. You will know the PLACEMENT of the wattage is poor if they start to lean funny. Then you can either do one of two things (1) go into the room many times per day and rotate the pots around to get light on all sides or (2) put the lights in a more favorable position.
  4. Thanks man, you have helped me and from what I see ya have for other's as well, right on.
  5. HIGH All, yes Quader..SmknVTEC is one of the most helpfull here in The City and I too Thank him.

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