45 second cop stops

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  1. So last night my buddy went outside to get the rest of the money this kid owed him for a modded controller. Well once they pulled up a dodge neon just comes to a stop two guys get out with flash lights pointing at us.
    Didn't even announce that they were sheriff's department. and said "did you guys pepperspray our car to the kids who were dropping off the money. Then after being there and looking around for about 45 seconds they just got in the dodge neon and sped off.
  2. It only took the cops 45 seconds to realize they were retarded? Noice.
  3. How do you know they were sherrifs?
  4. Sorry to be a buzzkill, but this story makes no sense.. Did you say anything to them? Did they say anything else? Were they undercover cops? How do you know they were cops in the first place?
  5. They were in uniform but didn't say that they were cops. Yes they were undercover but didn't announce association to the sheriffs department.
  6. what the fuck?:confused:
  7. cops driving a neon? shit they need to up their game.
  8. One time i was pulled over by a undercover narc that was driving a FULLY blacked out 1969 Ford Mustang with a supercharged engine lol. No way i was getting away on my bmx bike that day. Got busted with a 1/4 ounce of Sour D's in my underwear. They pulled down my pants and took it. I was only 15 so they let me go with a warning....
  9. lol ok then...
  10. OP you must be stuck on stupid lmao @ undercovers rolling around in a neon
  11. Uh Illegal search and seizure anyone?
  12. wow i just got the weirdest sense of deju vu, i feel like this was made before
  13. Dodge Neon hahaha
  14. did you kids pepperspray our car meow?
  15. Got your back; Here are the pics. :cool:


    Dodge Neon

  16. they would only go through the trouble of doing that just to give you a warning if they were just gunna smoke it.
  17. undercovers wear uniforms?
  18. tumultuous economic times call for budget cops apparently.
  19. I'm sorry, I had a really hard time understanding that...
  20. ahah sorry, hard times = everything takes a hit, including police budgets. or they use it as a sting car and were just bored haha

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