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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MonArch, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. i saw 150w 45$ home security hps light at home depot. I know it can be converted to a grow light, but does anyone know what exactly i have to do to this model.

    someone has finally found the $45 150w designers edge HPS at home depot. if you have a small box you can just add a plug onto it and use it right away, but if you want it to be remote ballast, you need to make a hood and get a little project box and move all the shit into that;).
  3. i think they also have a $50 MH 175w, but i'lol have to check:)
  4. Wish there was a home depot over here :(
  5. but how hard is it to add a plug. and if i remote ballast it do i have to revire the ballast?

  6. B&Q homebase


    any electral factors like wilts, edmundson ele, CEF etc all do cheap floodlights and high/low bay lights

    400w hps with lamp £44 thats wot i pay and the shop is in walking distance from my place.

    get out there and look, we have better deals than home depot if u can b botherd to find them.

  7. easy as getting a lengh of twin and earth with a plug then screwing the other end into the light. they r made to have power wired into them, thats how they work! the light dont care wots on the other end of the flex. just use a gud heavy wire and the right fuse 4 ur lamp.

    remote balast..... all i do is open the box with the balast in, look how its wired to the lamp holder, undo them wires then run a flex from where i took the wires off to a store brought reflector.

    small wing type with lamp holder and a lengh of wire is £22 round ere and the guy aint that cheap.
  8. The other light at mome depot is a mercury vapor but i believe you can replace the MV with a MH bulb if you buy one. How to make it remote ballast, http://www.overgrow.com/growfaq/1151
  9. i read the entire thing and i dont understand a word.
  10. the only wiring lenght you should change is the wiring coming from the light socket. dont change any other wire lengths or else you could fuck it up.
  11. all you want to do is add extra wire were the bulb was and run the wires to were the bulb is now two wires usually one white and one black leave all the other stuff hooked up in the old light build a reflector of some kind and you are set, that link was pretty cool good luck

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