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45 days later and urine test is still positive...

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by Vanahilion, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Has this happened to anyone else? I've had to get clean for a pre employment drug test and have been taking home tests every week for the past few weeks. Today marks 45 days since I quit and I'm still pissing hot. WTF? Is this normal? I read a lot of threads that say people a lot of people get clean in 30 days. I don't get it. 5'8" and 145 lbs. I drink a ton of water, exercise a little bit, not super hardcore or even too regularly, and I don't really eat junk.
  2. Everyone is different, but if you have been smoking daily for years (like me for example), it is going to take you longer to get clean than a person who only smokes a couple times a week. Depending how much you smoked, it can take 45-60 days even to be clean
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  3. I only smoked for 2 months. Before that it was really rare
  4. damn now iim scared for myself
  5. Drink more water
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    Stop exercising.
    Try the test a week or two after you stopped.
    Are you getting a faint line at all?
  7. 5'8 and 145 lbs, you should of been clean after 3 weeks with exercise easily; your doing something wrong.
  8. It has nothing to do with time; THC stays in your fat cells, so if you don't burn the THC enriched fat, you can potentially piss hot even a year after usage, if you burn that THC enriched fat and the metabolites enter your stream. This is why, in the above post, I say that if OP is 5'8 and 145 Lbs, something is wrong, because this means OP is very lean and thus, does not have a lot of retention for THC.. A month and a half later is ridiculous to be pissing hot, unless, as IC Green said, he is exercising and still burning what THC enriched fat he has left.

    The first piss of the day should never be tested. Never take from the beginning of your stream or end, always sample when your half way done pissing.

    If your home made test is testing for creatine levels, drinking a ton of water will make you fail, although a home test that detailed is unlikely.

    There is so much information on this site about urine testing, I hate repeating myself over and over again.
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    I have blazed pot on a regular basis [3 to 5 times per week] for the past 22 years. I'd say within the past 5 years I've had the good fortune to try higher grades of pot [blueberri kush, redwood, green crack, jaegr, etc]. Had to take a piss test back in early June for a good paying job. It took me fully 39 days to test negative on the first piss of the morning with a definitive dark pink line in the THC slot. I almost could not believe that finally I was THC-free! I spared no effort in the piss test preap--- with good sweating often, drank grapefruit juice a lot, ate kale-based salads, took a , multivitamin, sh*tted more often and pissed like a human water pump, and meditated on 'endurance' a lot. I Passed the test; however, my case is unique because we all respond differently to detoxification efforts.​
  10. I'm completely floored with how crazy this process is. When I quit smoking I was only able to sleep for about 3 hours a night for the first few days, I was sweating profusely, there was one day that I had an appointment that I had to postpone because I felt nauseous and standing up would make my heartbeat intensify and I could barely breathe. After about a week I was normal. And now I'm exercising a few times a week, I eat fruits and vegetables almost every day, I drink about 3 liters of water every day and I still can't pass. I'm at day 53 and I took another test this past Sunday with a fail. It's driving me crazy.
  11. Maybe you should get some fake piss lol.

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  12. *Could you please clarify what your home piss test result appearance is showing? Is it a very faint pink line in the THC panel slot, or is there just No line there at all? I'd wager that the line is light pink and that you are close to the 'negative' threshold of 50 nanogram. Just keep on doing what you're doing---you'll be toxin-free/THC-free really soon. 53 days is not uncommon if that's any reassurance. Are you testing your first piss of the morning? Do test your first piss of the morning because that is the most stringent test--if that's negative or close to negative--then you're just about toxin-free!

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