45 days in. How does it look?

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  1. Hey folks, Newbie here...
    I'm about 45 days in.
    Nirvana Northern Lights fem.
    2x Rubber Totes
    2x 3 socket light fixtures
    1x portable socket with splitter.
    2x 120mm PC Case fan.
    Total 8x 2700k 23w CFLs.
    1w x5 LED's (had them laying around, figured it wouldn't hurt.)
    Basic Miracle Grow potting soil w perlite. Plus extra Perlite.
    2x 2gal pots
    Organic fert: Chicken shit (calcium issue early on)
    Veg - about 32 days. Started on 18/6 when seed leaves opened in Dec
    Since flowering ive been using Purified water with 1 TBLs of dissolved Unsuphered Molasses per Gal.
    Ive trimmed the lower areas of scraggly stuff. Tied back the braches to allow light to penetrate down to soil. Once a week or so I will remove the fan leaves blocking the most light.
    Let me know your thoughts.


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  2. Are these clones, or seed?

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  3. looks delicious!
  4. Looks very good. keep doing what you have been doing.
  5. From seed. Nirvana northern lights fem. Thank you.
  6. I wanted to note: they are about 16-18" tall and about 12-14 wide.
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    Just a quick update.
    About 50 days in. Nirvana Northern Lights.
    Any ideas on how much denser these should get? Just curious.
    EDIT posted wrong pics...

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  8. those are still kinda small for 50 days. Js

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