432hz: The Natural Frequency of the Universe

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  1. here you go, thanks to google

    It's all rubbish, so no use wasting your time here :wave:
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    Thanks for sharing this, I've done the foobar trick and I definitely notice a difference, with all genres. Just one thing: Are you 100% positive changing the pitch is the correct thing to do? Now everything seems different, like i'd have to tune my guitar slightly different to achieve the same sounds as what i'm hearing.

    edit: It really sounds like this is how music should be. It actually sounds more in tune, it's incredible. I take back what I said.
  3. Grateful Dead "Eyes of the World" 432hz Foobar with component... blisssss :)
  4. Foobar's EQ is fucking superior as well.
  5. Had to try it. :D
    I'm a student of audiology, hearing aid creator and wearer; I've enjoyed exploring the brain's response to auditory stimuli in the past and I am enjoying trying this one!

    I've been listening to songs twice, 1st at 440, then at 432.

    Its different [obviously] and I agree that its a positive one. :hello:

    Seems like this information has been known for a while.
    The best example I have is -- The music you hear in movies (successful ones anyway) are triggers that alert your consciousness of what feelings to attach to input from your senses.
    This goes way back. I'm guessing if the entertainment industry knows about it... :smoke:

    Some time in my undergrad work I came across a lot of brain scans as it responded to auditory stimulus and iirc it showed unique activation patterns and increased/decreased levels in neurotransmitters like dopamine, I'll see if I can find those.

    As far as the question about tuning your guitar to this. You need an adjustable tuner (the knob looking ones)... They're pretty awesome to have around anyways.
  6. wing it, there should be a spectrum of sorts to go by online
  7. this whole thing is so awesome, if i didn't have a mac i'd definitely be converting all my music!
  8. bump for higher consciousness!!!

    So after smoking a bowl i went to play my favorite song and found a version i have never seen before.
    Tool - Lateralus ((432Hz)) 1080p - YouTube ((to really get the full effect play with legit headphones and on 1080p))
    Instantly I felt a dizzy feeling which was short lived as i let the music flow through me.
    The rest of the song i felt my energy flowing in through my heart, and leaving me grounded while my body felt as if i was beaming energy which started in my core and shot through my skin.
    After the song ended i had to learn more so i clicked on some songs that were at the same frequency and depending on the quality of the track it had basically the same effect, pure happiness&peace, and as soon as i finished the song i felt as if i had been meditating, clarity and oneness with myself and everything around me.
    I still have a ton of research to do but i know im on to something amazing .

    I actually was going to start a thread but was happy to find that someone on GC was way ahead of me :)
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    My wife's been all o er this for about 5years now. There is truth in this!
    There are databases of music converted already. that you can dl from
    A Dutch dude on YouTube named "stilling of the mind" who uploads a ton of converted for your listening pleasure.
  10. There is no truth whatsoever other than a self-fulfilling prophecy. A second is an arbitrary unit of time. The revolution of the earth around the sun/365.25/60/60/60. It's all based on a fundamental misunderstanding of waves.

  11. Opinion.
    Misguided science.
    Misguided science.

    If you don't hear it, or feel it,(sucks for you) but why must you bash others? What does it matter to you anyways?? We know you don't believe it.

    If you have anything that would actually debunk this then please, lets hear it. But otherwise quit acting like you know the truth. Because the truth is that you, me, and the rest of the world DOES NOT know the truth.
  12. Does anyone have a link to "Under A Sea Of Stars: The calling" in 432hz?
    I found nothing but 1min. samples via google.
  13. A second is an arbitrary measure of the passage of time, it being an SI unit makes it no less arbitary. The idea of a second is not a-priori. Even it were on a decimal scale, it would be an interesting co-incidence but still no less arbitrary. No-one "feels it", that's the whole point of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Again, it's not really a 'believe' or 'don't believe' thing. It's an examination of the hypothesis and theory and a realization that it's fundamentally flawed and therefore invalid.

    Pointing out that this is hokum is not bashing, it's a logical analysis. If you're offending by having something you believe in debunked then you have some very deep rooted psychological problems.

  14. So it sounds like you have an interest and would be curious what your theory of resonant frequencies do exsist in carbon based lifeforms such as humans and the relation to external frequencies upon said humans.

    On a personal level, I have a large set of Infinity that could easily produce any audible frequencies with enough force to be felt and think a blind test could have interesting results. The military uses intense frequency generators for a reason. Even see the Matterhorn? We already know about the high frequency riot dispersal unit, but wonder what purpose they would need to generate low frequencies at extreme SPL levels. So if sound has little to no effect on various levels, then what would they want this for?
    Are they getting into SPL competition :)

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o36Kp6veJ6c&feature=youtube_gdata_player]The Matterhorn - Worlds Largest Subwoofer - YouTube[/ame]
  15. Oh and there has been a few reports where low frequencies have produced nausea in people. From what I see, sound can produce physical reactions in people. I don't see how the theory is invalid.

  16. HAHAHAHA:rolleyes:!! im not offended by you TRYING to debunk this. Remember when I said "If you have anything that would actually debunk this then please, lets hear it."?? (you know, LAST POST?)But in reality you have not debunked shit. There is no doubt that frequency has effects on matter. If you are ignoring that fact than you are the one with the "very deep rooted psychological problems".

    The only thing that is offending me is the way you treated this thread. Not only have you tried to discredit this from the begining by tying to label this as new age bs, but you continuely ignore the supporting evidence of this theory and come back with random ass facts... why are you talking about time?? are we not talking about sound? I know the two can coincide but you have not said anything to that extent, you just keep talking about "seconds".
  17. Good vibe to meditate to.

    Seriously a few minutes of listening and emptying the mind, you feel much better.
  18. The fact that you thought a counter-argument was 'bashing' suggests otherwise, if that's not the case then I apologize.

    Remember when I said "If you have anything that would actually debunk this then please, lets hear it."??

    Post a counter-argument to the above or move on.

    That's not the entirity of the argument of the 432hz theory, it's reductionist to the point of absurdity to try and use it as any sort of point in support.

    It is, no credible evidence exists to support it that isn't based on a misunderstanding of frequency.

    Are you really asking me if frequency and the passage of time are related? ......Seriously?

    I've given an explanation of what frequency is. If you're not going to read through a thread then why you you bother posting in it?

  19. This.

    If anyone has studied martial arts, you may have done this and chime in (pun intended).
    While I studied wing chun for a while, we would meditate or focus our energy. This was done in a quiet enviroment, incense and oddly, a big suspended bell that would be struck by a soft padded mallet. The sound seemed to penetrate everything. It would fade after a few minutes and be struck again. I dont remember or know what frequency but can say this. It evoked a strong feeling of calm and focus. To credit the sound, the incense, or just ones ability alone would be foolish. To not credit each as a factor would also be foolish.

    Even if sound doesn't directly stimulate the body, the mind is the epicenter and feelings do. So saying that sounds having an effect on the body is not valid is false. Unless you are a neuropath and have charted the human mind beyond what science knows (very little actually), then to argue the point is, well, foolish. There are things far beyond what we understand concerning the brain. Who's to say that even simple sounds heard by the mind, don't have physical effects. After all, don't we all have certain music we like?
    Didn't the tribes across the world heavily use sounds, both instrument and vocal, to invoke power. Earth focused tribes would stomp the earth and shout to the elements. Orientals focus on inner "energy" or chi to draw power from inside, but again, vocals are involved. Even monks use chants to focus energy.
    If sound has no inner influence, then why the global history contradicting such failed theory. Times only relation to sound is measurement, but that measurement is solely based on number of cycles per second, not effect of organic life.

    I welcome anyone to prove or debunk centuries of proof that sound does in fact hold a heavy influence over life. Even the Bible warns to watch what you speak of because the tongue holds great power and claims that with faith, can shout mountains into the sea. Not to mention that God spoke to create life... Sound, it's in life everywhere, no matter what religion or culture you follow. That is fact.


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