432hz: The Natural Frequency of the Universe

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  1. yah it definitely helps me see where you're coming from :smoke:
  2. lol nope, never raved about the elenin alignment, nor have I said anything about any disasters.
  3. my apologies.
    still this stuff is pretty laughable. their idea that we can move through different dimensions by setting our resonance to a certain frequency? lolerskates.

  4. I suppose if someone came up to me talking about this type of thing and I had no knowledge of physics or quantum mechanics i'd laugh too :D
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    It sounds more meditative, the too-angry haters probably didn't/can't sit still long enough to actually test any difference in feeling. However, my normal music also feels good and I can get to similar places meditatively (albeit this did get me there faster with music I don't even listen to). Good stuff, may be worth it to try converting a few songs at least.

    Edit: Okay, now I'm really mellow. Like, strangely abnormally clearheaded and somewhat euphoric... even after the unknown music marathon stopped. That's really neat.
  6. ... They're taking "numerical equivalents" of bible verses?

    :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

    What the fuck has pseudo science come to.

  7. yeah that's the only part that i really dislike about it...
    either way, it finds a bunch of numerical anomalies that are interesting nonetheless.
    if you'd watch the video at around 9:00 ish you'd see what i'm talkin about.

  8. I notice the difference in music. That makes sense because the 432hz level changes the way you hear the music and it seems much smoother.

    What I'm calling bullshit on is the spirit science "dimensions" and how the water is poisoned by this tone.
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    I think he just posted the water video to give some more info about the more "hypothetical" positives of using the pitch. I really can't say much except for the subjectivity of the "water test", and I'm too lazy to watch the "changing dimensions" material -- I'll just change my personal dimensions with a bowl or two.

    I'm pretty sure audio at the moment is the only currently, verifiable enhanced medium -- probably the only one at all -- which can improved by use of the frequency. Meditatively it did produce a good effect on music.
  10. Oh no, don't get me wrong, I do find it interesting, it's just people think it's indicative of something... It's like, get real man...

  11. just exactly..
    where is this consciousness located and how do they measure the impact on it?

  12. It comes from Quantum Mechanic's understanding that consciousness is what gives frequency and vibration form.

    maybe this will help you understand

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pFwOljL6ys]Quantum Universe (Mind Over Matter) Part #2 - YouTube[/ame]
  13. you didnt answer my question.

    so i'll try another approach...

    how can you block something unmanifest?
  14. it's not a blockage more of just an alternate and inferior perception

    hopefully that answers your question, even though I'm not entirely sure what you're asking.
  15. the ideas of inferior/superior essentially duality in and of itself, are illusions, false illusions built upon nothing. but with a very real purpose
  16. this is all really interesting....is there a way i should tune my guitar so that it works at 432hz? i dont own a tuner i always go by ear, is there a website that would play me an A = 432hz or something so i know what im looking for? thanks for the help
  17. i was trying to get this part clear my good sir.

    as far as im concerned, you're saying that consciousness is a frequency, but at the same time the very thing that gives form to frequincies :confused:

    so how long does this inferior perception last? i hear different frequincies many times a day you see..
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    NoFlame why do you not tell us about real brain waves and the frequency's associated with the various states of consciousness that actually occur in the brain? You know the Delta state, Theta state ect.......these things are real and more interesting than this rubbish.

  19. no number is perfect. that guys statement on like page 4 i think was dumb about soul mates. even if people did have frequencies in that respect. they could be the same number rounded off possibly but never exactly. for instance one persons 432.2205444... and one is 432.230462222.... they would last longer than most people as a couple, maybe even their whole possible physical existence, but if they lived for 500-1000 years, they would eventually run into a difference and split. that can be said about all relationships though so soul mates is bs. lol im high endrant/
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    He's just saying that listening to the other frequencies of music like 440hz can be a given cause for bad feelings at a given time (although we obviously have enjoyed the shit out of it), when it could be possibly even better. He's not saying you're going to have some consciousness revolution switching over to a different hertz. Maybe a music appreciation revolution as a fan or collector, but that's up to you. Personally I'm already enjoying my standard musical library like crazy.

    As far as quantum mechanics (which is a totally different subject), the theory is that because we are conscious in general (physical beings), so we are able to perceive everything in its physical form. And that everything is made of infinite vibratory patterns and frequencies.

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