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432hz: The Natural Frequency of the Universe

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Solar Being, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. this is the sickest thread ive seen so far :) im actually thinking of tuning all my instruments to 432hz for the rest of my life
  2. hahaha and most of these people dont get it
  3. Yep. A week should do it. :}
  4. This.
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    how do i convert all my music to this
    edit: jk found ur post *doh*
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    damn i wish i could find this link to a thread with all these people fuckin with water.. they were using Electromagnetism i think.
    spinning magnets and such...

    once this guy froze some water he experimented with, it had a helix down the middle of it!

    crazy shit i wonder what it means. i want to learn more about water purification.
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    what the fuck it lost me when it got to the bible.. i don't get the 216 triangle thing i feel stupid :/

    i wonder if that's legit about resonating the plates at 432hz and it made that pattern. i've looking into sand plate vibration before so that's pretty interesting.. makes me a lot more open to believing.
  8. Linking a spirit science video just made me highly skeptical. I watched through those videos and it's a fucked up version of Scientology made to seem factual when it's not.

    Until there's actual proof and solid science behind this, I say it's a placebo.
  9. also if you use Winamp, download this plugin:

    PaceMaker - Winamp

    Right click on the window > options > preferences, scroll down to Plug Ins - DPS/Effect, double click on Pacemaker and set the pitch to -0.3 steps.

    now you have 432hz music on winamp!
  10. He says [ame=""]Sade's Kiss of Life in 528 [/ame]is stunning. I haven't had a chance to try any of this yet. Blazing up later tonight.
  11. Oh shit, we got competition in this thread. Well you know what, I say 134 Hz is the only way to open up your mind/soul/universe/spirits. I've changed my music and it makes me feel so much happier! Everyone change it to 134 Hz, trust me.
  12. how do you know this is going to make it 432 hz?

    where's the math??
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    idk if this is right.. but going off the pacemaker manual:

    and you said -.3 steps.
    1 octave down from 440hz is 220hz.
    since octave is a relative term, wouldn't octave mean 220hz if we're going down in this situation ?
    and .3steps out of 6 total steps is .3/6 = .05.
    this is my idea of a ratio for the octave down.
    so .05 * 220 = 11
    that's 11 hz imo and therefore making it 440 - 11 = 429 hz.
    i think it should be .22 steps which makes it .22 / 6 = .0367. .0367 * 220 = 8.07 hz.
    that taken from 440 equals 432.
    idk if that's the way you do it.. but just what i thought based off the manual :smoke:

    it sounds better imo if you go .22 steps down using the pg up pg down keys (u can't drag it with ur mouse on my screen at least)
    and u have to edit the settings to make it possible to go down in increments of .01 instead of just .1.

    edit: idk tho if flux pavilion - " i can't stop " sounds better with that pacemaker tho..
  14. Okay so i watched this video earlier and got lost when it started talking bible code...
    well i validated the math it has..

    here's proof of the first section of this video (go to 9:30

    [ame=]The Cosmic 432 - Part 1 - YouTube[/ame]

    look at my attachment to go along with the math..
    here's the site that i finally came across coincidentally while looking up enneagram stuff (i'm stupid for not knowing they were using gematria in the first place)
    it gives you the conversion for hebrew letters.. and the math comes out good.
    This makes me a little more confident in that video's validity.

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  15. LMAO. i actually watched the first video, and it was such bullshit it was funny.
    no flame you always make me laugh.
    weren't you the one who was raving about the elenin alignment a few weeks ago, or whatever the fuck it was. how disastrous did that end up btw?
  16. Lol conspiracy theorist verifying a "theory". :hello:
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    dude seriously shut the fuck up and stop trolling me

    sorry i used a bit of math and gematria and those simple concepts are beyond your comprehension
    sorry you gotta attempt ridicule because you can't use intelligence as a tool for debunking those videos.

    i never said anything about the spirit science video, let it be known for those who can't read.

    second, I never said I verified a theory.
    I said i didn't understand the bible code it was talking about. Therefore, i found the calculation system for gematria \ make sure he wasn't just bullshitting all the numbers and the respective graphs he made (which you prolly didn't watch nor care about. because you're a troll)..
    it turns out to be 100% legit in that one respect.
    so when you have something worthwhile to offer that debunks this ONE aspect of the video (the only aspect I "verified").. then you can troll my comment without looking like a fuckin loser

    i'm actually putting forth effort to remain unbiased towards the videos and keep a rational stance on this whole "432 hz" concept.
    but you just pop in here and don't offer shit besides your biased negativity
    i actually try to figure something out and rinse and repeat

    all i've done is do gematria + math based off the ratio from pacemaker's manual + listened to songs with a tone change based off my math...
    i never said anything was verified.
    but thanks for another great and helpful post.
  18. There's no point in trying to verify it because it can't be verified. Math isn't going to help you at all with trying to understand the 432 Hz theory. It just another unverifiable theory, like just about any other conspiracy theory and new-age theory that pops up on these boards. Does that help?

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