432hz: The Natural Frequency of the Universe

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  1. Ok so I decided to go back to the beginning of this series. All I can say is look it up on YT, the original video posted on this thread. He's made a whole series ans then put it into a playlist so you can watch them all back to back. So many things make sense and even goes obscure but then the obscure piece is put in place and fits! Granted you must have an open mind, but isn't that why we are here? To learn and grow? 2 words to sum the series up... Eye Opening (third eye needs the crusty wiped off lol).
  2. So...should I start tuning my instruments to a reference pitch of 432hz? 'Cuz that's kind of awesome.
  3. i dont get this
  4. You guys will believe anything.
  5. [quote name='"Luvs2splooj"']You guys will believe anything.[/quote]

    My bad didn't know you knew everything, maybe you should enlighten the rest of us since you seem to have everything figured out.
  6. Mayb you should stop smoking do much weed and stop believing every crazy but interesting thought is real out of hope.
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    [quote name='"Luvs2splooj"']Mayb you should stop smoking do much weed and stop believing every crazy but interesting thought is real out of hope.[/quote]

    maybe you should learn how to spell so your posts are more coherent

    Also gain a little humility so you can experience everything life has offer instead of limiting your views with whatever you think is true.

    In short, keep your mind open.
  8. Holy shit, this is still here? lol
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    Your right I should really learn to spell. But spelling right is hard ya know, idk how you intellectuals do it. Since when has the grammar argument had any sort of substance on the Internet?

    You guys get so into it that your willing to believe anything. Your so afraid of being close minded that you overcompensate with giving credit to things like this and saying themoon is a hollow spaceship.

  10. haha there you go again assuming...

    an open mind isn't believing everything you hear, an open mind is not ruling anything out
  11. I think some things we can rule out...

    And in this thread you guys seem pretty intent on believing it. The same effects you say you get from listening 432hz happens to be the same effects most people get when they listen to music in general.

  12. haha this isn't going to go anywhere

    I guess we're just on different pages in the book of life

    all i'll say is that everything has its own impact. Music is vibration and we're actually no more than vibrations ourselves. it's all about perception and you can't trust your eyes

    peace :smoke:
  13. An mind entirely open is as utterly useless as one entirely closed. Examine empirical evidence and make judgements based on logic and reason. Anything else is daydreaming.

    This appears to be your standard defence. It's a very poor one and it's also a massive strawman. It also makes you look like an upset toddler.

  14. Once again what do you get out of this?
    Does it help you sleep at night knowing you did absolutely nothing to better GC and better yet the entire world?
    Just as we obviously cannot oprn your mind to this you cannot close ours.

    You stated your opinion long ago, which is fine, but now all your doing is portraying
    Hatred towards your own people who in reality are trying to help and better this shitty world we all live in.

    There is no point in you replying to this thread anymore, unless you have come across some evidence that would prove this theory false which you have not been able to do.

    Grow up and stop trolling.
    Love or hate.
    Live and let live.
  15. chill out people


  16. It's a debate. If you're uncomfortable either leave or stop acting like a 12 year old.

    It's about an examination of facts, it's got nothing to do with an open mind.

    And you are replying to this now to do what exactly? Better society, or whine like a child while trying to scold me for what you think is the same thing. Don't be a hypocrite.

    Grow up, learn what trolling is, learn what debate is.
    Fact or fiction.
    If you're not comfortable having ideas discussed don't put them on a fucking forum.
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    What exactly are you trying to argue with me about?

    I'd be happy to respond, I just don't know where you're going with this...

    Nobody ever said to ignore empirical evidence or to not make judgements based on logic and reason.
  18. This thread is still here? You might as well make an iDoser thread.

  19. hmmm I've tried iDoser, some sorta work, some don't. Depends on the person, the mind state, etc

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