430am confrontation with neighbor

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by POTSTYLZ, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. So im a little sick, and miserable. I had just gotten to sleep when my whole damn bedroom lit up like the 4th of july. I look out my window (it doesnt have a blind on it right now), to see my neighbors headlights shining through my window with the brights on. I stepped out, and said "hey guys im trying to sleep, can you please turn the head lights off?" This asshole says "I will turn them off when im good and ready" I said ok, well let me rephrase myself, "if you dont turn the god damn things off, im going home and getting my baseballs bad, then im going Mark McGuire on the front end of your car, then I will turn my attention to you!" So he killed the lights, and as I was walking away he turned them back on. I stopped turned around walked right past him, and turned the lights off myself, then took the car keys and chucked them across the street. no light in my bedroom since
  2. Well whatever works. What an asshole.
  3. Damn man, that's pretty messed up.
  4. What a dickhead, but you handled it nicely. Well done.
  5. What a prick.

    Good job handling it.
  6. i hate people that have no respect for people when they're sleeping. Quiet when im sleeping, and warm water when im showering, its all i ask for.
  7. Where do you live? What kind of an asshole says "I'll turn 'em off when I'm good and ready"?
  8. was he going to work, or just trying to wake you up?
  9. I hate people like that. I'd have done exactly what you did, hell if I was sick I might've done what you said you were gonna do.
  10. that my friend was fucking hilarious
  11. I have no idea why the brights were on, but he was a dick!
  12. Good way to handle it man.
  13. Well done. That guy's a prick.
  14. idk im kinda violent, i cant deal with confrotation, as soon as I heard him say, ill turn them off when im good and ready, I woulda said, Yea im gonna fucking kick your ass, and then proceeded to smash his face into the concrete.
  15. good call man. That guy was a dick, and you didn't have to pump his shit.. which probably would have resulted in an assault charge haha.
  16. accross the street? i wouldve thrown them down a drainhole or whatever theyre called

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