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Discussion in 'General' started by aeroblurg, Jan 27, 2001.

  1. holy shit! my 420th post! howd that happon. ive been here for less than a month! budbuner is not far behind me eather. damn bud, how did we post so much?

  2. wow. that is a lotta posting.... congrats!


    [​IMG] HighasakitE [​IMG]
  3. Hey aero, you overpassed me while my isp was down (curses!). For a while, I was like 50 posts ahead of you.

    I guess we just spend plenty of time here (we're such brown nosers!). Hey, it's worth it for me. I have fun here.

    I'm on my way to 420! It will be a first on any board for me, and I'm reaching that number faster at this board than any other.

    Peace [​IMG]
  4. i regestured on yahooka in nov 2000 and i have like 550+ posts. im catching up with myself!

  5. i have bout 380 posts untill i get to 420.
  6. Yeah, The Highest posts I have on any board is somewhere around deadhead, pushing 400 anyway but I'm finding that I am not really going there anymore and coming here all the time :)

  7. It's called the past.
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  8. Every time someone bumps a 15 year old thread, the elementary school child in my cries with nostalgia.

    I hit my 420th post and requested my name to be changed to Dr. Natty Light in honor, which has obviously not happened.
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  9. But where were they on 9/11 tho brah?
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  10. probs smoking weed my homie :pimp:
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