420th Post!

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    Hooray for the GM! Its been a nice couple months months blazin with you guys, hopefully I'll be here much longer! Thanks for all the love guys! Just so this isnt the wrong forum, heres a pic of me tokin it up for the 420th post!

    Thanks blades! Keep tokin!:bongin::smoke::smoking:


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  2. woo, happy 420!

    congrats man
  3. Congrats man.
    Blaze on.
  4. :confused::confused:

  5. Congrats holmes! Nice rip too!
  6. Nice rip for a 420 post homie. stay BLAZED!!!!!!!!!
  7. Congrats... nice piece, too.

  8. I just smoked a bowl in honor of you.

    (Minus the fact I just happened to be coincidentally blazing)
  9. :confused::confused::D;)

    haha thanks. I got a sick vid with it too.

    thanks bro

    Yeaaaaa! Thanks toi. You're the shit!

    Thanks a lot bro;)

    Lol...+rep for makin me laugh

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