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420th post

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mattmc804, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Every one, I have hit the 420. Bong hit to that. Now troll on below
  2. Congrats on documentation, I blew passed mine :smoke:
  3. Happy 420th post brother, this vape hit goes out to ya:smoke:

  4. Do you have the most posts out of the whole city? :eek:
  5. psh please this is my 1001 lol
  6. Psh 14th ha
  7. Grasscity achievement unlocked: 420 posts
    Reward: Nothing, no significance

  8. This is fucking trippy :smoking:
  9. if i had a gram for every 420th post on gc...
  10. nice bro, my bowl is dedicated to you bra!
  11. im on 300 something. zzz
  12. I'm approaching eventually.... >.>
  13. *hands you cookie*

  14. *takes said cookie*

    *eats said cookie*

    * dissatisfied*

  15. fixed
  16. [quote name='"dmac103"']


    Haha here is the 421 :/

  17. dam son. i guess agent smith just entered the building.... wheres our neo with more posts?!?!?! :bolt:

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