420GURL! look.

Discussion in 'General' started by elementxero, Apr 28, 2002.

  1. haha hey everyone seems to hit on you. Just wondering if you had any pics so i could get a better sense of what the gcity lady pimp is about :)
  2. LOL, 420gurly is our grasscity cutie (no picture needed).
  3. Nah, let's see it. The proof is in the pudding.
  4. my mom used to read books that called a womans yes yes spot her 'secret mound of love pudding'..that just makes me laugh
  5. lmao, that's hilarious
  6. lmao, thats a pretty chinked out description
  7. what ever happened to 420gurl?...she hasnt been aorund for a long time now....im so so very sad....oh where oh where could 420gurl be?
  8. She's been to cheerleading camp all summer as an instructor.
  9. damn... that's hot, yeah we definitely need a pic
  10. really bpp? I hadnt heard that, did she tell everyone this and I mighthave just missed it?...hmm

  11. ROFLMAO, Im fuckin stoned and I cant stop laughing at that. OMG, make it stop! lol :D
  12. so that's where she is! i was wondering, i miss her!
  13. this has absolutely nothing to do with this thread..but did someone once here describe something as comperable to a twelve year old girls bycicle seat..?...cuz i remember laughing at it...oo ooo oo..ill relate that to this post..umm...twelve year old girls ride bikes to cheerleading camp..there we go..:D...

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