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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Big Poppa Puff, Oct 15, 2001.

  1. Yea,,I've checked that site out a time or two....
  2. Big Poppa Puff,
    I thought you were married?????
    Shame on you!! Just joking.
    That is a nice site!!
  3. I gotta confess I've seen it before, too. But I'm not a dirty old man like the rest of ya ;) . Have a good day, everyone.
  4. Yes stony we know you're not a dirty old man. Maybe a kinky stoned Florence Henderson. Haha
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  5. lol. that site is hilarious, i could spend all day there.
  6. If Momma Puff ever decides to find a new pasture, I've found the next Mrs. Puff. Check out the September 420 girl of the month at

    If should could only clean the house, do laundary, and cook me S'mores all day long, I would never leave the house.
  7. I hear ya........All I can say is...I would close the door ,look at her with a smile and a bud.....and play Wipeout repeatedly. To hell with leavin the house I would not be able to leave the bedroom...........LOL
  8. i had something like that happen before it was at my sisters house i was setting in the liveing room watching some tv and my wife was seting across the room near the window are kids were playing in the finced in yard well my siss girl friend walked in and start talking all at once she saw me setting watching tv and walk right up and said out load do you want to fuck your good looking i looked up and said i think you better ask my wife shes set right there!her face went pale like a she was going to die and she said i guess that wasnt a good idea, i said no, now after you think about it!she went in to talk to my sister and just started crying and left!it was not a good time for her i guess and yes those 420 gal are fucking lucky i am married!or i would set in the liveing room and watch them strip dance till they got horny or cleaned house!they could have my money as long as they enjoy them self!some of them just like smoke some are partyers!some are hot but nut as hot as stony!tazz11

  9. has gotten so popular that its a subscription site now. Just when I thought life was good with naked chics smoking weed, they start charging $ for it, damn capitalists. I bet the webmaster started reading Ayn Rand novels.

  10. Sorry, I budhead has done burned my account up

    Maybe Sj will let us start us up a similiar site, you know moms and older chicas who get naked and smoke,

  11. hahahaha!!!! lmfao!!! omg lol
  12. LOL at the chick askin you if you wanna fuck with your wife right there.. You shoulda been like, "how about it honey?" :D
    "she went in to talk to my sister and just started crying and left!" funny funny..
  13. been a couple times i think

    just pics of chicks with buds right?
  14. mmmm women n bud, wow, not much else someone could ask fer....

  15. clears throat *

    (ladies man voice)


    (end ladies man voice)

    im sorry but that kinda freaks me out.

    That sight is cool but i cant see why i should pay to see high chiks when you can just go to a bar and see drunk ones.
  16. I have fon memories of going there when it was free...

  17. huge difference between high chicks and drunk ones ;)
  18. i spouse but drunk females often have the urge to take there tops off.....and i am a strong advicator of toppless women :) (hope i don't offend any one)

  19. then you should definately check out "many boobs" that someone posted a picture of... she's amazing ;)

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