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  1. k so what is with the 420 thing. i've noticed so many people with 420 in their names. is it me or does it mean something i've missed.
  2. around here (america..canada.. id think...possibly th whole world) 420 has always been the stoner number..sorta like 666 with satanic things etc. on april 20th its sort of the ubnderground holiday for stoners to all go out and smoke...i dunno how it started, tons of different reasons...it used to be a codename used by a group of highschool buddies...its the police code for marijuana possession...tons of sogs refer to 420 in them...i dunno..hopefully that helped, but im forgetting what i was writingcuz im kind of out of it right nw

  3. What's a "sog" there Hank?

    Never heard of "420" ? Sounds like another new member for the O.F.F.F. club to me.
  4. ARE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUSE?.....a song is a sog..a.ctually a sog is a song...but you guyys BOTH have never heard of 420?..ok maybe its only a west coast thing?....can i get some love from some 420 peeps out there?...ehh fuck it im gonna go back to listening to music

    go to 420times.com or search online for "420" and ill bet you they'll all be marijuana related sites
  5. Well, we do the 420 thing around here. It's like an unspoken law that you light up at 420.........usually thats on your way home from work. LOL. Don't really know how it started and I'm too stoned to think about it right now but we do respect the almighty 420 in WV.

  6. I already check out 240times to see the 420 girl of the month, but I thought it meant they were going to show us fourhundred and twenty naked girls smoking weeds.

    How about we start a new religion combining elements of ganja and Islam. When you die a martyr in the services of it you get to go to paradise and you will be serviced by 420 virgins bearing huge amounts of weed?
  7. 420 is alive and well here in Jersey. Hell, I'll probably be blazing around 4:20am, .... if we're at the bars and come home and the clock hits 4:20 it's time to puff.
  8. Up here in the middle of nowhere(Wisconsin) everyone knows 420 atleast in my area. Look at my name for instance. Its kinda like a daily holiday. And if u see x:20 on the clock u can justify it cuz its 4:20 somewhere else in the world, but who needs justification?
  9. i smoke when the weed is burnin...dont care what the clock says..but, yes, 420 is traditionally i guess you could say, the time to smoke weed...

  10. what do we call it?

  11. People use 420 around here, there's actually a local band called 420 (rather unoriginal in my opinion) and a band called 'Buddha Nugs' for that matter. Of course the town I live in is the second biggest town in Ill. (heh, damn Chicago always overshadowing us...) and we actually produce the most marijuana in the state, according to some figures (though I wouldn't trust the people came up with those figures too much). Anyway, the most common story is that 420 was, or is the police code for marijuana possesion in some city. Another is that some group of highschool kids came up with it in the 70's, and the other one I've heard is that Dead heads came up with it, I don't know if that's true but the first people I heard say it were huge Grateful Dead fans so maybe. Of course, drug terms and/or slang in general tend to be a very static thing, changing constantly all over the place but still staying central to particular areas. As slang moves from place to place new words and terms are being created all the time. And because of the internet people now exchange these terms despite distance or even language sometimes. It's always interesting seeing the arguments people have about various drug terms, it's best to keep in mind that the meaning of this stuff varies from place to place. Unless you live with Robin Williams. Nanu nanu.
  12. There's plenty 420 stuff around here. But frankly, I hate that shit. It's so overused and stale. Kind of like those billabong clothes that just say "BONG". It's like saying "Whoah! Look at me I smoke weed and I want to tell everyone!". I don't got a problem with celebrating the time, it can be kinda funny when you are toking up and you look at the clock and it's 4:20. I smoke alot on 4/20 as well because it's my birthday.
  13. when the clock hits it here it's always kinda of a joke (unless we actually can smoke), but on april 20th people act like it's a holiday. all you in hear in the halls is "so what are you doing today, it's 4/20 ya know?" so it's kinda played out. i mean even the kids who don't smoke will find their friends who do smoke and talk about it. it's gotten old
  14. april 20th = time to plant new seeds

  15. lol i guess so!! old fried fuckers and females lmao!!! hahahaha!
  16. 420, Fuck yeah thats known all throughout Los Angeles and the world....This April, 4-20-03, i'm gonna smoke a couple blunts, buy a new bong, take some rips outta that, make some brownies, do some shrooms, do some adderall, do some drinking, and have fun :)
  17. Yep- you and me both.
  18. hey man what city do u live in in illinois? maybe i live close enough to go there and look for bud if it is easy to get but i went to rockford and tryed getting shit and all we got was people saying it was dry up there:((((
  19. I_Want_To_Grow, haha, funny that you say that, because I live right smack in the middle of rockford, and it is dry as hell right now. From what I understand there were a few major busts recently. It's been two weeks since I've found any decent bud. Not even any dank which is usually in good supply. And like I said, I wouldn't completely trust the people that said we produce the most in illinois, although we do grow a lot around here I kinda doubt we beat out some of those big chicago grow ops

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