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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stoned_soldier, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. 420 is the number associated with our favourite plant: Cannabis. So what does it mean exactly? What's the history behind this number?

    After-school special (4:20 pm)?
    The highest pitched tone in Pink Floyd's Time (from Dark Side Of The Moon. 4 minutes and 20 seconds into the song)?
    The time it takes for THC to kick in (4minutes, 20 seconds)?
    Police code for a marijuana charge?
    Simple code so that one can talk about it in public?
    International Cannabis Day (4/20: April the 20th)?
    The amount of time that THC effects wear off (4 hours, 20 minutes)?
    A Bible verse?

    These are just some ideas I cooked up. I noticed that Pink Floyd thing by myself (I'm not sure if anyone else caught it). So what is it really? Maybe I missed something entirely.
  2. Sorry, I've been out of town without a connection for about a week.
  3. International Cannabis Day (4/20: April the 20th) 2003

    the first day i smoked pollem.
  4. every days 420 fer me, but i like to smoke on easter, i dunno, its just more fun
  5. huh........ i always thought it was the police code but w.e
  6. nope..420 isnt the police code, I know that much. As to the origin..the world may never know ;)
  7. 4-20 all the way

    Everytime i see it anywhere i think man i wish i could light up one right now. fellow stoners
  8. when i first started smokin the kids around here used to say 420 bc is when man first smoked weed for recreaction. i figured this is wrong but its a wierd guess. haha
  9. Lately I've been really interested in Nostradamus' work. Check this one out. Century 4, Quatrain 20::

    Peace and plenty for a long time the place will praise:
    Throughout his realm the fleur-de-lis deserted:
    Bodies dead by water, land one will bring there,
    Vainly awaiting the good fortune to be buried there.

    Happiness for a long time... and fleur-de-lis... awaiting good fortune. Naaa. It's probably something else.
  10. ok, heres the real deal.

    couple years back i thought the world needed a time to blaze. so i figured 420 would work. it looks cool enough.

    so i told everyone i knew to start blazing at 420, guess it just caught on...?
  11. but did the nost end 1419 and adf onof." if then the waste ov lad ing sace was filled edward scidoddo bie are good.>|<

  12. hahahahahhaha
  13. hahah damn you!! stealing my credit...

    or atleast removing it from me and leaving it up for grabs...

    ??? what?
  14. thanks alot obliv.

    ive been trying to proove time travel existed for months!!!

    oh, and that i invented 420...

    you can all thank me for it here if you like... :D
  15. thanks...........Peace out.........Sid

  16. haha 420 is my benz thats parked outside!!! 1996 s420! only da best

  17. yea and my toenails are as short as my cock

    nice try though
  18. harsh... must have a small wang... or atleast you should REALLY clip your nails...

    but thanks for the acknowledgement :D

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