420 worn out to hell and back...

Discussion in 'General' started by Frank White, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. anyone agree?
  2. all i remember is blunts, hotboxing cars, school, and random leaving to get food..

    it was fun
  3. my school was smart they gave us that day off in our spring break
  4. i smoked nothing the whole week before and on 4/20 and nothing but a bowl with my friend the day after >.<
  5. mine was a 1/2 day :D
  6. If what you mean is that 420 is WAY overused, then I totally agree.
  7. He is referring to the over use of 420. Like the guy who said "I have 420 songs in my I-tunes it must be fate he he" and all the stupid shit people say like I pissed for 420 seconds today or some other random shit. It is getting old really old.
  8. Yeah i guess its getting kinda old because of people who point out like the 420th page number in any random book just to make a pot reference, but i mean it sure is nice to randomly look up and see the clock screaming "get stoned!" :smoke:

  9. amen to that
  10. I just hate all my buddies who are like 420 420 420 blah blah. It's like shut up and just mellow out.
  11. The only 420 I even put any emphasis on is April 20th.

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