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  1. So I want to buy some 420 cleaner for my bong and I wanted to know where the best and cheapest place to buy it is? I know I could find it on Amazon but don't know who sells it that will br legit. Thanks.a
  2. Why not buy some 91% isoproplyn alcohol. You can usually find it Walgreens, CVS, etc for less than $3. Add some table salt and do a little research and it'll probably work just as well as 420 cleaner.
  3. I guess I just thought. That the 420 cleaner seems like it would be a little easier. Also I'm not a big fan of the smell of that type of alcohol.
  4. Check your LHS.. thats where I got my 420 cleaner... although you should just order a bottle of 99% iso for 2 dollars off Amazon..Goodluck:wave:
  5. Yeah man get some 90+% iso and be done with it. Don't waste your money on some bullshit "420 cleaner."
  6. I would deal with the smell, after repeat cleans it has saved me so much to go with iso and instead of salt I use white rice... But anyway yeah, another option but a small tube and a small container of iso, once 420 is gone refill with iso and the little container had enough salt + smelly stuff to last 4 refills and it was cashed after that.

  7. Couldn't remember the name of the product but its called formula 420 is it not a good product?

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