420..too many beers

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by cushy, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. ok..so heres my 4/20 story

    Im from CT so me and 8 other people decided to goto the beach in RI for the day. Starts off meetin at my friends house and then we split from there to get breakfast on the way. One car takes both kids with pot so my car was pissed. When we get to the place to eat theyre all chowin down on fucking bagels cause theyre high as shit..I just waited for them to finish so we could go. They gave us a couple grams to roll a blunt for the car ride and we did.

    I was so high about 30 minutes into the car ride that I didnt even care it took almost 2 hours cause of traffic. We get there and find a place to park..pretty far from the spot we chilled at. Anyways we get there with a huge ass cooler..everyones got beer...too much for 9 people..prolly over 100. I get drunk as shit maybe had 10 beers and then they made me come to stop n shop with them cause Im the only one with ID for cigs. So I go buy cigs but was so drunk/high I was scared to go in alone..so this other fucin drunk kid comes in with me..brings me to the fuckin pharmacy to get cigs..i was like nah ahahaha

    so i finaly get them some how..i pay with fucking quarters and could barely stand up..they hadda fuckin know...we head back to the beach i get out and fuckin puke every where..

    all in all i sobered up a lil bit and fell asleep the car ride home..it was a pretty nice day layin drunk under the bright sun. oh yah..me and my friend were the only 2 to go into the water..it was cold tho so i got out after like 2 seconds haha

    Ive felt so hung over since I got home at 6 but now Im feelin better...wish I had more pot to smoke for tonight but ohwell..Ill have to pick up a bag for later..so how were all of your days?

    ohyah..some things I just remembered about the very high ride there...

    who the hell said that mint breath = fresh breath, and that fish breath or somethin = nasty dirty breath?

    umm..what else,....o..who the hell invented waving your hand? seriously do like a model/queen wave...it looks so fucking dumb when your high and makes no sense..just say "hello" instead of moving your hand all trippy...sorry just some stoned thoughts...peace
  2. :laughing: that's a funny post.

    good story, goober.

    -happy toking, brother.
  3. hahah word =D

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