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420 stories

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smokinmeds, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. So I realized, I have never smoked on 420.. The day not time. I plan on changing that this year but I thought this would be a fun thread so if u have a good or even bad 420 story let's hear it
  2. I been toking pretty consistently for a couple years w breaks here n their and never smoked on 420 the day either so Idk
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    My very first 420, me and a couple buddies went down to the old train tracks and toked atleast 4.5 grams and this was at about 4:10ish so we decided to wait till 4:20 to blaze again just because :hello: and as we were waiting it was silent as can be, we all look at eachother and just started laughing for a good 5 minutes then I finally managed to ask what we were laughing about and no one knew hahah. Alas, 4:20 came and me and my buddies all power puffed our own joints we had ready for ourselves and after my first puff of the joint I suddenly realized I was probably the highest I have ever been ( I had only been smoking for roughly two months before this ) and I felt like there was not a single worry in the world, and ever since that day I realized I will never be as high as I was on my first 420:smoke:
  4. I've only celebrated it a couple times, since this is my 4th year smoking. The one year me and my buddies bought a half o of some mids, and i think about a qt of dank and just blazed everything you can pretty much smoke out of. Then we went to a baseball game and smoked more haha.
  5. out of 4 years of smoking, i've only done it once on 420, and that was when i was first starting. this year though, friends and i are going to stay high all day. smoke, class, smoke, class, smoke, class, smoke more
  6. Hahahah nice stories so far, this year I gonna try to get a quarter and me and my friends will have a blast
  7. i live in boulder CO so 420 is a pretty big thing lucky for us its legal to smoke on that day but of course with my luck i had gotten into some trouble and was on ua's at the time but i brought my turtle with me to what is called the quad its just a big feild on the cu campus and he got super high and everyone was like 'oh dude can i get some of your brownies?' (my turtle was in a plasti box and it had woodchips so it could have looked like brownies) but it was really fun even though i couldnt smoke but this year im ready
  8. My birthday is the day after 420 so I'm hoping to get blazed for 48 hours :smoke:
  9. Last 420 topped all for me. My gf and I were living in a 4 bedroom townhouse with three other couples so it was already a full house, Only myself and gf and one other couple smoked though. We had this friend who was going through some trouble with the law and was sort of laying low at our place too (yes technically he was a fugitive I didn't know at the time though I found out like a week later when I opened the door high as fuck to find a detective who practically let himself in, that's another story though)

    Anyway I had just picked up a quarter of mid and a g of orange kush and another g of purple erkel (sp?) the day before. My roommates had probably a half of mid between them. We woke up early put some cinnamon rolls in the oven and went to work. Bowl after bowl after bowl, multiple bowls going around the circle etc we must have used every piece we had between the 5 of us (a lot) 2 or 3 times each. The stash ran out quickly and I had my dealer bring by an OZ plus another eighth of the orange kush too. We smoked all of it by the end of the night with random friends stopping by here or there to match bowls and chill.

    I will definitely never forget it. Probably one the the best days of my life and I remember it clear as can be-- love MJ.
  10. Last year was my first 420. I had no weed but my brother shared a bowl with me of some sour d and I was new to smoking and only smoked regs on the weekends so this bowl got me pretty lit. Nothing exciting but it definitely brought me and my brother closer. This year we have Easter break on the week of 420. That'll be a great week. Then I'll end it with a bassnectar show on 4/23
  11. hmmm well yesterday (420) and today combined i went through around 5 g's. Smoking all day everyday its the holiday season!

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