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420 Plan

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SiN-Drome, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. whats your 420 plan ?

    i just think it would be cool to make 4/20 a bigger day than it is by having a good time plan ahead

    i know that i got money put back right now to make it up to B.C canada i cant wait!!!!!

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  2. What IS the big deal with 420 & getting high anyway? I've heard a few things about the time of day or something, but none of it seems to make sense. Can someone enlighten me?
  3. Found it, thanks. The SR High School story actually makes sense to me.

  4. i wonder why hempfest isnt on april 20th?
  5. Argh...I'm due April 28th, so unless the baby comes early there's gonna be no smoking for me on 4/20 next year :(
  6. Next 420 I want to roll 12 blunts and smoke 1 every hour. of my day. That would be so tight.
  7. ryogavash: sounds like a cool plan but you forgot something. there are 24 hours in a day you stoner!! lol

    me, i just wanna smoke with some buddies.. nothing really special.
  8. Oh yes 420 Im going to get so fucked up on 4/20 and then even more fucked up on 4/21 sense thats my b-day :) so thats going to be 2 days of Pure Tokage gonna save up till 420 spend all my money on weed then for my b-day gonna get some more then gonna go buy more weed and toke all day its gonna rule...but Maybe not as much as X-mas thinkin up some Mad plans for Christmas lol.

  9. so your saying thet you started it all?

  10. Heh, there's a fine head shop in Toronto called the Friendly Stranger... :D

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