420 pizza

Discussion in 'General' started by dokc, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. my pizza is supposed to be here at 4:20am

    will keep you updated

  2. :smoking: pizza sounds bomb.
  3. its destiny man
  4. its fucking try 420

    because most people think 420 as 1620

    if you did the square root you'd be 405

    is 405 the real 420
  5. pizza is here
  6. a finger is nice every once in a while
  7. What r u talkin about

    N where are u from
  8. Man theres a pizza place that delivers pizza at 4am. Where the fuck have i been. I need to find this place

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  9. Local chain at my university
  10. Lol. I could see this becoming a spiderman thread.


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  11. Anyone who orders pizza at 4 am has got to be a stoner anyway haha. Dam I wish I they delivered pizza that late somewhere here

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  12. I was quite surprised at how quickly it arrived.
    Doet even remember eating it though
  13. well duh... they probably had few to no orders. 
    I too wish I had pizza DELIVERY @4:20 am
  14. Except that...405 isn't the square root of 1620 :( 405 x 4 is 1620...but...that's not what square root means :(
  15. I was high bro. You're right.

    But in my defense i was high
  16. Im at such a mellow high

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