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420 kief tape off

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Kiefsweat, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. So im pretty sure i started one ofthese before, but i couldnt find it haha

    Well, anyway 42o is coming upvery quickly, in about a month or so. I like to save up as much kief for this day as possible isntead of smoking it up all the time haha sooo i basically just, dont fucking touch that shit until 420.

    Well this thread is where we all get to post the pics of our kief trays for 420!!
    lets start this shit yo, who else wants to do it??
  2. here like a half of kief but ill make some bho out of it :D





  3. nah man, the point of the thread is to save all your kief up untill 420 so then we all come back on 420 and show it off. or show progress of whats being saved up.
    not for random kief pics... unless your saving it up for 420.
    who else wants to join??
    come on you guys!!
  4. i have a 1g puck i pressed and im saving all my kief up until than. no smoking/vaping it.

  5. yea i know but i could just buy kief like an oz for 420 why save it ahahha

  6. because this thread isnt about buying a bag of it bro, seriously?
    either your super stoned, or you failed to read the first post.
    save that shit yo, post it up.
  7. some people save up their kief b/c they can't just go out and buy some. I got some saved up, but can't take no pics. BUt I'm saving it....i guess for four20.

  8. Why does it seem like some people dont read the thread before they post in it, lol. Ill post up some pics soon i just vaped all my kief about 2 weeks ago.
  9. that doesnt really look like kief lol

  10. When was the last time you had your eyes checked?
  11. hahah that looks exactly like kief. ever hear of pressed kief? :smoke:
  12. woah i used to have that exact grinder... my buddy got it in france
  13. Mine came free when i got my mflb. Live that thing
  14. just a small bump to get more people on the train man

    SAVE YOUR KIEF yo,for 420/ come post it herre.
    postyour progress, idc. 420 tape off tho! so dont smoke it till 420
  15. [quote name='"superdank123"']here like a half of kief but ill make some bho out of it :D


  16. heres like a quarter of kief. i definitely wont be smoking it all on 420 but i will be putting a dent in it.


    Uploaded with
  17. y does kief form in lil balls like that, mine is starting to do tht also . it looks cool tho
  18. Im not sure why that happens, i tried squeezing it all together and some of it stuck but the rest just fell apart.
  19. give it time and it will stay stuck like that, all of it.

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