420 is everywhere

Discussion in 'General' started by smooth08, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. do you guys seem to notice a lot of numbers and shit that are 420....

    for some reason i see 420 at least a few times a day one way or another, in all different kinds of number formations and different shit, its kinda cool.....

    also my warehouses number is 420, so on every single product in the whole building, (420), is shown lol
  2. I looked at the clock today at 4:20...

    Back when I played hockey, we would always try to take timeouts so the score keeper would stop the clock at 4:20. It took us at least 3 or 4 tries before we finally got it stopped at 420, and the whole team went out and took a picture by the scoreboard. It seemed that most people were amused.
  3. I see 4:20 fucking everywhere, more than *any* other number, and now my friends have the same problem since I brought it up to them. I also see 9:11 and 3:11 entirely too much.
  4. I always seem to look at the clock when its 4:20.
  5. brett favre tied (then this weekend extended) dan marino's TD record 420

    my change about a week ago from a pack of smokes was $4.20

    i'm usually off work at 4:30p, but my boss likes me to come check to make sure there are no ad changes before i clock out... i'd venture to say 45% of the time when i check the clock to see if it's time for me to check with her it's 4:20p
  6. I had a doobie waiting to be sparked for *just* that occasion.

    Favre > god/Chuck Norris
  7. Unfortunately 420 can be associated with some shitty things in life such as the Columbine shooting and Hitler's birthday. Is it really true that 420 is cop code for "marijuana related crimes"?
  8. Quite simply; No.
  9. I thought it might just be a bit of stoner folk lore.

  10. hahaha we saw that stat in the middle of the broncos game last week, we were all like RIGHT ON BRETT!!!!

    then smoked a blunt hah

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