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420 Friendly Colleges

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Zamie, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. What are some of the most marijuana tolerant colleges? My friend's scholarship was revoked because he was caught smoking marijuana so I want a college that is not total uptight douchebags when dealing with situations pertaining to marijuana.

    Do you know a college that's tolerant? If so, please describe the tolerance a bit. Thanks.
  2. How about don't have and use illegal drugs in places you don't own, and smoke off campus or quit until you graduate and focus on your classes?
  3. your local community college
  4. Obviously I would not smoke on campus, I'm not retarded. I would be able to focus on classes. Do you want me to have absolutely no leisure time? I simply want to make sure that if I do ever get caught with a bit of marijuana on me that nothing serious happens. Because if I'm living on campus, where am I supposed to put my weed?

    Thanks for your concern though.
  5. He has no concern, he's just trolling.
    Honestly, I'm not sure if there are any certain colleges that are "tolerant" to it, because it is illegal. The best you could do is go to a college where everyone is already a stoner lol. (besides FL what the fuck everyone smokes here but the laws against weed are probably the worst in the country)
  6. It usually doesn't have all the much to do with the school. I don't know of a single scholarship that you are allowed to keep after being charged with a felony (not sure about a misdemeanor).

    Don't live on Campus.
  7. haha...you shouldn't select a school for the sole purpose of it being marijuana tolerant
  8. UC Santa Cruz. nuff said
  9. UVM all the way... but if you want some good info check out webehigh.com and look up the city that the college is in.
  10. I know for a fact that i wouldn't smoke in a school that I'm paying to go to, especially if they kick me out for smoking weed and don't get a refund.

    If you want to go to a college that is weed tolerant, then i suggest going to a college in your home town (if you have one in yours), so you can live at home and smoke all you want. If not, make sure the place you rent (which will probably be on the college campus), is pretty tolerant as well. I sure as hell wouldn't be smoking in a doom room, that's just straight up stupid.
  11. I live and smoke on campus. I smoke in my dorm room every day without problems. Just don't be a jackass about it (i.e. smoke in front of a fan, don't use joints or blunts, seal up your door with a moist towel or duct tape, don't smoke with more than one other person at a time etc.)
  12. there are plenty 420 tolerent colleges. see the 10,000 people in the quad at UC Boulder for 420? Boulder is mj friendly haha. i'll be attending UVM in the fall, and from what i gather, it is mj friendly as well. many of the uc schools (u cali that is) are, from what i hear. u mich in ann arbor i heard was too. basically just see what the laws are in the state and go from there.

    to people who say don't smoke during college, focus on grades, etc etc, for some people smoking has no negative effect on schoolwork, for some it does, and for some it has a positive effect.

    also, its college. you're supposed to have a great time. so much of college culture is depicted as huge binges, frat parties with keg upon keg. it is known and even partially accepted. smokin some bud shouldn't be looked down upon during college. hell, at a liberal arts college, it should be encouraged:hello:
  13. UC Santa Cruz. Thats where im going to try to go. Get your med card and your set.
  14. Don't take my word for it, but try a school in a medic state? Idk though
  15. I am also attending this fall.... what school are you in? I'm Engineering and Mathematics (CEMS) Electrical
  16. Buddy, I think you're a little late in applying to colleges. Try again next year
  17. Who said I was applying to colleges right now?

    Also, I'm obviously not going to apply to a college simply because it's 420 friendly, it's probably at the bottom of my list. It's more curiosity than anything.

  18. Ohhh I read it wrong dude. I thought you and your friend wanted to apply to more schools. Go on collegeprowler.com and type in whatever school you want to search and click drugs or whatever it says
  19. I know people that vape on a regular basis in college and they don't get caught. Get yourself a nice vape.
  20. UCSC and Humboldt State University.

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