420 Cup - (Game)

Discussion in 'General' started by NealCaffery, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Alright, the rules are simple.

    1. First person to the 420th reply in the thread, wins the 420 Cup.
    2. Posts cannot be useless posts (ie; "Hello", "Yay, im winning")
    3. In order to win you must have posted atleast 10 times in this thread

    If anyone is actually interested this is what you'll be playing for;

    If the winner wants it small enough for an Avatar, i will resize..

    Lebowski Is the Winner, Stay tuned for round 2

  2. 418 more to go. :/

    I wish I had that cup in real life. I'd turn it into a water pipe.
  3. i wanna play. but what could we post about? anything??
  4. You can post about anything you want, as long as its not just stupid stuff, there MUST be a topic to the post, not just like "Hello" to get the post count...

    I wish i had that cup in real life, i'd use it as a cereal bowl..lmao..

    Mmm..Froot Loops
  5. no way, waffle crisp all the way!
  6. i was always a fan of wheaties myself

    and lucky charms, man i love those
  7. What happens if someone DOES post a pointless post you have to make it the 421st post?
  8. I like my cocoa puffs
  9. haha i laughed at that.

    yea what if someone ruins it, theres nothing you can do.

  10. Hm...Never thought of that :bongin:..if i could delete posts it would be easy, but that's not possible..maybe we wont count it than..:S

    Any ideas?

    And, Reese Puffs for the win :D
  11. this is gonna take a while if everyone has to make a meaningful post
  12. Thissss is gonna take a while.

    And plus, I think useless posts should not matter, because the whole point is to get to 420 posts, not making a reasonable discussion.
  13. ^^ no frosted flakes are the best.
    mmm... reeses puffs :D
  14. How did u make that thing? Photoshop im guessing.
  15. i wonder if i could make a bong out of that trophy.

    wow that would be sooo coool maaaaaaaaaaan.
  16. You should make the cup green. :D

    And count chocula all the way. You get the chocolate cereal, then you can drink chocolate milk afterwards. What more could you ask for?
  17. this gonna take too long i'm finna wait till post 400 then post
  18. a trophy bong filled with chocolate milk mmmmmm....
  19. Cereal? Whats wrong with you guys? I want that thing full of HEADIE NUGS

    edit: a lighter, too.
  20. If only the trophy bong wouldn't ruin the chocolate milk...

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