420 Chick

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  1. A little something I drew yesterday and thought would be much appreciated here! :) 420 yaooo!

  2. That's an awesome drawing haha. I'm impressed and jealous at the same time.
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    Wowee that's pretty fucking amazing. I'll bet it took a while.

    Is it you?  ;)
  4. Can we post drawings of nipples? I think it's allowed as I didn't see it in the rules. Though I could be wrong.

    Cool drawing! I'm jealous of your skill

    Omega369 :wave:
  5. really cool!
  6. Oh jeez ummm I hope it's not against the rules, as it's only a drawing and not an actual picture :p
    Took me a good 5 hours I'd guess, but definitely worth it! :)
  7. very nice work!
  8. Iirc it is against the rules to post nips but then its a drawing and not an actual photo so I'm not sure.
    Either way I don't mind because I think its pretty awesome, good work.
    @[member="blazer12345"] You can do this next, right? ;)
  9. Really fucking good!

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  10. Wow first time a drawings got me hard then again I never watch hentai xD
  11. Rules said you can post nude DRAWINGS on the artists corner.

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  12. My wife said she needs this in a frame

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  13. Wow! Absolutely beautiful! Greatly job. Post some more work

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  14. tasteful boobies are allowed.
  15. I'd bone that painting fersure.
  16.  I like drawing boobies, too!  Let's go play!  :D

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