42 watt CFL (2700 lumens)

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  1. im using 3 42 watt CFL with 150 watt equivilency that give off 2700 lumens per bulb, will this be enough for flowering, i really dont wanna use hps , i have about 7 plants

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  2. Anything is possible but, I think 7 plants under 150 watts is a bit low. Try it and see. Yield won't be great but, you will probably get some smoke.
  3. how about if i dd 2 more so id have 5 of them going?
  4. I'd grow one plant under each bulb, pick the best female (if you get more than one) and flower her under all 3 of those.
  5. My friend grew a blue thunder plant under 160 watts of flourcents...He got an oz and a half, the plant was also 4 feet tall tho. If he had more lights he prolly woulda got atleast a quap. I highy recommend getting more lights tho. We now have 9 plants under 300 watt flourecents and they r doing verry well.
  6. hey univ nice plants how old r they? im growing under the same lights and looking for answers to the same questions.
  7. 2 words,

    Light, Closer

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