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42 is the answer to everything, and its '420' connection

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by NFloyd2357, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. 4 is just 1 four times, and there's no such thing as 2. So 42 is the answer to everything because it reduces to 1. :p

    Add the zero for '420' and you get '10', but zero is the ethereal counterpart to 1 so, 420 is important because it stands for weed and weed will eventually show you that there's no 4, 2, or 0, just combinations of 1.
  2. do you think if you put that into spirituality you could say God is 1 because he is whole and perfect and everything reduces and is ultimately him (1) going into everything, where as 0, as you said, is the counter part or Gods evil side (the Devil).

    1 / 1 = 1 you / god = god

    1/0 = can not divide by zero Gods good cant be affected by his Evil side

    but 0/1 = 1 because Gods evil / God = perfect God?

    idk hopefully someone will get what im trying to say....i will roast another bowl and ponder more :bongin:

  3. lol! yes, everyone needs more of the answer, that is definitely why the answer was solved before the question... so damnit what is the question? Why doesn't everybody smoke the answer?

    as far as marvin "I'd make a suggestion, but you wouldn't listen. no one ever does."

    and anyways, "I have a million ideas, but they all point to certain death."

    we need the question, so keep answerin':smoking:
  4. What is the question because if we answer with what the question is, then we are actually giving THE ANSWER not the question. We can't ask the question by finding the answer, we can only get an answer. So you see what is the question and marijuana is the answer.

    ...wait, what? :smoking:
  5. Sure, why not? :smoking: lol

    Makes sense to me, if you wanna look at it that way.

    Though I would think of it in terms of 'god/no god' rather than terms of good or evil.
  6. Maybe Marvin was answering the question all along...

    Douglas Adams could be referencing he was smoking pot in his answer to the universe: 42

    If 42=1, because 4 and 2 reduce too 1, and 0 is added because it's nothing. 10 is cannabis because it's 420. Then we would end up that the answer to that is death because death is nothing and as Marvin puts it everything in life ends up in Death so 1=0. Together we would add this up as.

    " " = 0
    1 = 0
    42" " = 420
    => 420 = 10
    => 42" " = 1
    => 1 = 0
    => 0 = 1

    The answer to life is marijuana and the answer to life is death, so the answer to death is life in an endless circle.

    Marvin(Douglas Adams) would literally be saying: "Marijuana Is Life, Life is Marijuana" in the language of math.

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