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Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Bud Head, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. Was my last post till now. Now my post is High as hell.

    Take a guess of what this post is or was?
  2. oi! what happned to post 4200!?thats the ultimate post number :D
  3. ya better just go ahead and quote yourself hun, ive looked for 15 minutes, an now i done lost my buzz, with yer lil brain teaser :D

  4. 4200 was this post..

    do you get it now? What does it mean?
  5. *curve ball*

    swing and a miss!

  6. ok strike one......
    but i do know
    ya neva swing at the first one :)

  7. Hahahaha Smokie.

    Do you think she'll strike out tonight!
  8. oh yeah stirke ywotwo

  9. Ok, Bud Head...I can't be dancing all the friggen time, ya know?

    But here I am, doing the dance, yet again...

    I'm doing it with a migraine, too! I have a skull cap on that's holding an ice pack on my forehead! You better love me for this dance, dude!!!

    ::::doing the 4200 posts dance that probably is WAY past 4200 now::::::
  10. Thanks guys and gals.

    RMJL I do love you babe. I only hope that you will put up with me for another ten years.

    I am sending you migraine gone karma..

    Critter, We'll be dancing for you next!!!
  11. Yeah, I can handle 10 more years!!!;)

    Thanks for the karma...I've had a shot of Toradol and several doses of Imitrex and I still have this damn migraine. I need all of the migraine-gone karma that I can get!!!
  12. I'm sending Bud Heads migraine go away karma. This time it's the highest strenth around! I hope it helps!
  13. DRINK BONGWATER....youll throw up so much your headache will go away :p

    nahh..just kiddin

    drink water....and ill be sure to send ya some good karma.
  14. hey rmjl... too bad this didn't happen back in my wicthcraft days... i coulda gotten rid of that migrane quick, fast, and in a hurry. but alas... those days are no more. so i'll do this instead...

    ::picks up go-away-migrane karma and throws it (softly) at rmjl::

    there ya go :)

    hope this helps, lol.
  15. Thanks guys...I still have a dull ache that won't go away but the intense pain is gone and that makes me happy and I owe it to you guys! :)

    Cottons, I am NOT surprised that you did the witchcraft thing. You've had your hands in a little bit of everything, dude. I like that you're making your journey through life by experiencing many different things. You should be proud of that.

    Normsy Poo, if I ever drink bongwater, I'll wait until we meet to do it so that I can puke on you. See how sweet I am??? ;)

  16. i put a little thought to this an..i dont think ive ever struck out in my life :p
    walked a few times......
    but alas never swung 3 times an missed.
    rmjl, hope yer feeling 100% better today.

  17. Every one stricks out some time in their lives...

    I guess you are above us though. You may be the one no strike out queen!
  18. hey BH... i forgot to do the dance for your 420-O post :D

    ::does belated congrats for BH's 420-O post dance::

    rmjl... i'm not much proud of my witchcraft days (taking into account my present beliefs). but they were a great learning experience. at first i didn't really think the whole thing was real... til i started trying it out for myself. it was insane. i once got rid of a friend's headache who lived in WA state... so that's why i say i coulda gotten rid of yours had i still been practicing today, lol.

    some of the other things i was able to do were: spirit/body separation (where you actually leave your body), glamours (i could change my eye color on demand), limited ESP, and moving things with my mind... it got pretty spooky after a while, but it was cool in it's own little way.
  19. Hahahaha so you forget things too!

    Thanks for the dance.. Twas good!
  20. wow cottons thats fkin awsome, wish I could do some of that stuff. Im too much of a rapper to get into the goth/witch kinda scene tho :/

    I bust glocks not spells, lol

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