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    [***Sorry, I read this and had to put disclaimer.
    I'm one of those people who all my life I can touch a plant and its days are numbered. Only thing I ever successfully grew was an Aloe plant, only because I left it the duck alone...***

    Hey all.
    Like title says this is my first grow.
    Sprouted 3 bag seeds from some decent smoke I got.
    No clue of the strain. Had no idea they would actually germinate so I was completely unprepared...

    Started off in some Miricle Gro moisture control potting soil.
    Lights were 3 - 48" 80W basement lights I luckily had.

    Moved into 17gal pots that are a 50/50 mixture of the Miricle Gro and Harvest Organics Natural and organic potting mix.

    Vegged for 8 weeks under the florescents.

    I got a 315W CMH light with the Phillips 3100k bulb 1 week ago.

    Girls went into 12/12 3 nights ago.
    They live in a basement where flower room is 73 deg and 52RH constantly.

    Scrog net is 48X48X68

    Feed them all in one plant food of
    24-8-16 during veg.
    Changed to a 17-18-28 when put into 12/12.

    Will try to keep this updated. Dont have to many picks from the first month, but let me know what you think.

    ATTACH=full]2651545[/ATTACH] 20190702_194717.jpg 20190702_194723.jpg 20190714_125827.jpg 20190714_125837.jpg 20190714_125843.jpg 20190716_191044.jpg 20190720_214237.jpg 20190721_133432.jpg 20190724_170749.jpg 20190724_170757.jpg 20190724_170820.jpg 20190724_170804.jpg

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  2. Outside plants will need treated for Powdery Mildew and Caterpillars. Start now and spray till harvest.
    Green Cure for the PM
    BT for the Caterpillars.

    Wouldn't hurt to run a bug zapper to help limit the moths in the first place.

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  4. I dont think that was spam..just advice I'm pretty sure

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  5. Yeah sorry. Didn't realize there were outdoor pictures.

    Plants are grown inside. That was just transplant day.

    Good advice.
  6. Not SPAM at all. I've grown outside for many years and know the horrors of a full blown caterpillar infestation.
    The general rule is if you have moths around your porch lights any outdoor cannabis is at extreme risk.
    The little shitters can ruin your entire crop if left untreated.

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  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    No issues then.
  8. Yeah my apologies.
    Like I said I didn't realize there were outdoor pictures.
    Plants are being grown inside.
    Sorry for the confusion.
    Get soooooo many ads thrown at you nowadays you start to glance over stuff.

    Again, great advice for you outdoor growers!
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