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41% Thc

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Baked Bread Baker, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. Damn. Im going to have to see how much they are selling that for. Dont like buying bud but that sounds worth trying.
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  2. I AM forgive me........but what exactly is that showing???
  3. Lab report for bud, 41% THC..!!

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  4. Lab report of what?? One bud...........all the buds combined..........?
  5. what about terpenes?
  6. Strain? Not that I question 41%, but I'm wondering if it's naturallly occurring THC or if the sample was maybe treated/dipped/etc? These days one can get crazy THC (and/or CBD depending on preference) results from any flower.
  7. Second independent lab? What were the results from the first?
  8. Call the lab and ask them how they test.

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  9. Oh...........I don't care THAT MUCH..............I was just asking.........
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  10. Yes, one strain. A sample of that strain is tested.

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  11. So...can you get seeds, or?
    If these stats are true, I'd pay $50 a seed.
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  13. Idk how I feel about this... Shutders
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  14. This doesn't mean much to me. I've heard of over 30's percent thc but all the sudden we got over 40 percent.
  15. Lol I didn’t no labs were the only people with access to a printer.
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  16. After working in Colorados cannabis industry for a few years... I don't believe it. Those tests are easily skewed. The dryer the test sample the higher the potency. He could have sent in kief... IDK but I don't believe it.

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  17. You can believe it or not, I have personally seen the Facility. It’s DWC hydro, LED only for lights. Ran by husband and wife. He himself is skeptical.

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  18. These private lab test are notoriously fickle. Honestly people test their weed at the labs the return the higher numbers. I'd be really surprised if 41% was anywhere close to the actual average THC content of the plant but still just to hit 41% at all is damn good. 9 points over anything I have ever seen first hand. Also this is very reputable grower here in Portland. Only weird part is I dont see Artisan Grown advertising this yet. Must be a real recent result.

    P.S. Im too old for Instagram so the news is probably still oozing out to this dinosaur.

    Also just a note: Any good Portland shop are routinely stocking flower that tests over 30% so 40% just isnt that ridiculous. Especially with the breeding that goes on here. Portland is ground zero for cannabis breeding. Anyone that loves weed should come check out Artisan Grown, Greenforia/Medigreen and Archive. These are 3 of the best growers on the planet.

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