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  1. This is my first post

    Okay I have a very Nice and Expensive Tent. I need to know the best way to Cultivate a Strain of White Rhino. I wanna know the best lighting set up,Cooling,Food,Grow Time, Trimming What ever you guys can teach me. The tent is 40x40x70 It is heavy duty. I am ordering 1000 watt Switchable MH/HPS Bat Wing Grow Light System - ViaVoltTM

    I have the Seeds and also am looking for the best cooling set up.
    Any info is helpful .
  2. Go to the absolute beginners growing section. The late, great JCJ has a really nice beginners guide stickied there. It gave me the basis of knowledge I needed for some successful grows :) and youll get better answers there than in general section.
  3. Welcome..:wave:..as a new member eager to learn, let me give you some advice right off the bat..

    Learn to search and read a lot. On your own. The info you want is EVERYWHERE on this site and VERY VERY easy to find. All you have to do is spend time reading. There are also a huge variety of books out there that can teach you all that.. not to mention all the youtube videos.. so searching is going to be something you are going to want to learn to do..

    Goodluck and link your grow in your sig, I'd love to see it!! :smoking::smoking:

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