40's and shot glasses

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    soo im sitting here with a steal reserve
    for the 3rd night in a row drinking alot of this stuff. pretty tasty, cheap, and fucks you up. does anyone else ever drink their 40's with a shot glass
    im using the one in this picture
    perfect size. gives you a nice bit of beer to chug :hello:
    anywayssss pretty much whenever im drinking 40's at my house i like using shot glasses. i feel like i drink them really fast and i just like taking shots. anyone else do this?
  2. I still drink my 40s brass monkey style.
  3. brah try pounding the faka, shots? and you call yourself a man?
  4. word up.

    :rolleyes: faka?
  5. you know what drinking game would be perfect for you? Power Hour. get a shotglass, about 6 beers and every minute (for the next hour) take a shot. theres even an application that lets you pick from your music and every minute it changes songs, with a "ding" sound to let you know it's time to drink
  6. the only time its acceptable to take a shot of beer is if you're doing a power hour...

    other than that, wipe off your vagina and drink it like a man
  7. Nope man, the bottle is fine with me.
  8. hahaha. wtf? beer shots?
  9. [​IMG]

    update from the 40's to torpedo
  10. yutyutyut my favorite


  11. It's all matter of opinion and how people like drinking. I personally just pound a 40 quick and get at least shellfished.
  12. Yea I just sip it till its gone. I don't know about doing these shots you speak of.
  13. failbox bro.... fffaaaiiilll-box, definite 2 thumbs down

    leave the shot glasses to hard liquor for the sake of both of us
  14. you keep fillin one of these jager shot glassses i have up and chuggin it and tell me you dont get hammered. it really allows you to drink your beer nice and quick. dont knock it till you try it. if it was a regular size shot glass it would be a definite fail

  15. haha way to be a good sport... you could have easily gotten pissed and went off on my post...

    anyway... i have one of those shot glasses and they are HUGE... i used it last week to cut up some bud and when i looked at it my first thought was "i will NEVER take a shot this big."

    enjoy your 40
  16. shot glass

    a small, heavy glass for serving a shot of whiskey or liquor.

    chug wat?? its a shot glass, wat u should be chugging is the 40 bro,after all u wanna drink it "nice and quick" right??

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RLpJTw6HUQ&feature=related]YouTube - Friend Drinks 40 oz in 7 seconds **MUST SEE**[/ame]

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