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  1. i had a colt 45 the other day and i was just wondering what are some good 40s
  2. Mickey's
    Steel Reserve
    Old E
  3. Country Club :smoking:

    But Millers is $2 out the door...
  4. mickey's
  5. Ol' english!
  6. Miller Genuine Draft 40 oz. Mm..
  7. Hurricanes! Brace for the smooth taste!
    seriously, drink it down to the label and add OJ. Its grandtastic!
  8. I usually just go with Bud Light.
  9. St.Ides...most bang for your buck
  10. theres all good cobras steelies bud light if your just lookin for a deal 2$ for the equal of 3.something cans
  11. I used to like mickey's but I realized fuck that! It's about that OE800 nah mean. racoonsuit know wut im is sayin
  12. mickeyysss
    thats wat ive rocked for the longest time all the time
    but recently im looking for a new brew
  13. OE is what i usually get
  14. its like the champagne of 40's

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