40mg oxycotin

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  1. Alright, so my close friend gave me a free 40mg pill of oxycotin.
    A couple months ago, I did an 8mg hydro-morphone pill (that's the only real opiate i did in my life), so i don't really have any opiate tolerance.

    as you can tell, i'm a total opiate noob, so i decided to come here. Just for reassurance you know?

    If i bump the 40 mg oxy all at once, I highly doubt it's nearly enough to overdose, but do you think i will be throwing up/dizzy/headaches ect.? Is there any chance that i can pass out or something?

    Also, will i be able to talk normally? I'm having some friends over (who know i am gonna be fucked up), and i don't wanna just sit there couch ridden while they are entertaining themselves.

    Thank you for any help.
  2. I did 40 mg for my first time, You will be fine. Scratch the tan coating off of it with your nail so the whole tihng is white, And then get a needle to get the tan out of the OC And the 40.
    crush it into a fine powder, And blow that shit.
    I suggest you put it on a piece of paper, Fold it up and crush it then put it on a good surface and your good.
    You might be itchy, But its alright.
  3. hm. maybe i should cut it in half? blow one pile and then take the other half orally?
  4. I suggest you blow the whole thing, You will be fine, Feeling AMAZING ;)
  5. thank you friend.
  6. Np bro, Dont forget, When you get that gross drip in back of your throat swallow it!
  7. dude dont blow the whole thing at once if you have no tolerance. just cut it in half and do one line and wait about 20 minutes and do the other half if u want
  8. Blow that whole bitch. Worst thing that can happen is you'll get high as shit and throw up.
  9. I took 30 mg orally at around 2:45, and i'm not really feeling shit. I didn't have breakfast, all i had over the course of the day was maybe 30 sunflower seeds. After i took it, i drank a tiny bit of orange juice and milk.

    what's going on here? It wasn't a bunk pill, and it was a brand new prescription.
  10. you feel it yet? You take off coating?
  11. if you dont feel it take a couple shots of vod or other strong liquor mixed with grapefruit juice (which also potentiates opiates), but not more than 4 shots worth or else you could have some trouble with your low tolerance
  12. Or you could just swallow it..
  13. if you ate it you should have just eaten the entire pill
  14. nooooooooooooooo you should have snorted that mother fucker I have never met anyone who eats them

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