40mg Oxycontin

Discussion in 'General' started by Saintex422, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. As a 160lb male do you think its safe to take a 40mg oxycontin orally after breaking the time release?
  2. u might puke.... probly be an amazing puke... and be extremely doped up, other than that your good to go
  3. yeah, if you have no tolerance, then you'll prolly puke. You could break it in half and get high twice... Either way, good luck bro :D
  4. Go for it. You probably won't puke, but if you do, it won't be bad at all. You'll have a great time : )

  5. hows your tolerance for painkillers? if your not used to opiates 40mg could make you really sick. i suggest taking half if your inexperienced in PKs then take the other half later if you need to, better then puking
  6. I just ate half a roxi 30. (15mg) and I'll see how that goes. Knew it was an oxycodone 30 but didn't know it was a roxi till after I ate it and searched it up at home. I've snorted 20mg of contin and had a puke fest for the whole day. Damn did I feel good though. 40 is going to be hell of a time. Hopefully you dont have a weak stomach like me.
  7. i miss those lil blue bombers... havent seen any since i moved :(
  8. tell me what i should be expecting. When I saw how small it was I was tripping. I thought Xanax packed a punch.

    Feeling pretty itchy.
  9. 20 mg is a perfect oc beginner dosage. o0oo0o i hope i can get some 40s soon

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