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  1. hey, well mainly from winter park, winter springs, oviedo area ))) just wake n' bake
  2. Hello and welcome from, well one of those cities mentioned above :hello: gotta love 407
  3. oh yeah, you go to school/work around here too?
  4. Oh yes. I live in ^^ one of those, and work out in Apopka.
  5. sup fellow 407 blade, look forward to possibly seeing a grow journal in the future, if not, pickup pics are fine as long as they are approved by me ahead of time by giving me the connect's number:p
  6. i need some good connects if that's what you're getting at T_T i mean im fine getting mids/regs cause i love rolling blunts/j, but i want some dank
  7. :(I'm lucky to even find some decent regs, I still havent met the right people so I'm savin for a setup right now.
  8. Careful now, treading into muddy waters. Check the rules.

    The dank is around, believe me. I have a harder time finding regs, and I know 1 person who had mids 1 time a year or so ago, but that's all for mids. Just have to talk with the right people.
  9. im from the 407 to. Any hook ups i cant find any
  10. drive to the 321 thats where the REAL dank is.

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