400watt Skywalker clone grow

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    The bitches are 3 weeks old today, been feeding them molasses + fox farms since week 1. Only topped once per plant so far and have 6-8 shoots coming from each.

    Usually I top twice per grow but I've never had a plant respond so well to topping. That being said does anyone think it would be even beneficial at this point to top again or should I stick with what I got now and give them some more love? I plan on vegging for atleast another 2 weeks

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  2. Looks good bro :)
  3. Yes, but what do you think. Top them once more on each node or let them be.
  4. looks nice man, im on my first grow and its skywalker as well. i havent topped but ive supercropped, lst'd, and now ive got a scrog going. i want to see how your yield turns out per plant :) ive only vegged 2.5 weeks and just finished 1.5weeks of flower you can check my grow by the link in my sig if you'd like.

    as for the topping if it was me id let them go. have you ever experimented with the fimm technique?
  5. Looking good!

    Perhaps instead of topping again, just pinch top shoots to let lower shoots catch up to the top.
  6. I wouldn't top again but what I would do is LST so that the canopy is more level for even growth.
  7. I am not sure if the molasses are doing a whole lot for the plants at this stage as I like to start the use of this the first couple weeks of flower and then progress to heavier doses as the buds set and then start to put on weight .The skywalker looks great.
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    Fim it or top it again if you have time, light, and room. The yield increase is well worth the effort. :smoke:

    This is one of my bluewidows fimmed/topped mutiple times under a 400w from start of flower.
    ( I ran out of room under my 1000)

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