400watt Mh/Hps Scrog Closet grow (strain: American Dream)

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  1. So this is a simple windows paint pic I did just to give an idea. I have about 3.5' x 3.5' to work with. When you look at the screen the lower part will be 2x2 then on each side of the square angle up for a sort of stadium style look. Im thinking of goin up 8 inches for the angle.

    I will also use some of those odor eliminating CFL I've heard about on this site if I can get them. I will use four on the outer perimeter about 4 inches above where I think the buds will grow, but I'll make it adjustable. Might even add 4 more Daylight CFLs in the corners in hopes of balancing the spectrum and adding some more lumens to more of the outer bud sites.

    I want to make the area were the buds grow, above the screen and below the light, to look like a UFO of sorts, hopefully reducing light lost to upper corners of the grow room. Heat will be my worst enemy which Ill combat with loads of computer fans or these lil high velocity fans for 5 bucks at wally world.

    Im thinking of bulding a box with a light trap on the intake to filter light from going into the exhaust of the grow room, inside will be 2-4 of those odor eliminating CFLs for when the lights are off. Though they may burn out without proper venting.

    I will be growing 4-8 plants in a 2x2 Ebb and Flow tray Using General hydroponics 3 part Nutrients with the Hard water micro. Growing American Dream from Sensi Seeds.

    Let me know what ya think.

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