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  1. hey guys im pretty sure this is in the right section but if not sorry in advance, anyway me and my friends are about to start growing at a friends place whos parents have gone away for 2 months, i know this isnt long enough to grow but what im hoping is to grow lots of little plants using the scrog method in hopes of producing the equivilent of what a couple of big plants would produce. so yeh i was just wondering what would be better 400watt or 250watt for probably between 4-6 plants, and just to make sure are hps lights ok to use for the whole life cycle?


    forgot to say that when its time for his parents to come back home we plan on moving the plants to another friends place who parents conveniently go away right after the other ones get backs.
  2. i would go with the 400w over 10 plants for sog but a 400w over 6 would be great the 250 wouldn't be enough light imo
  3. How old might you be?

    Don't grow in your parents' house or that of anyone else's parents without their explicit knowledge and consent. Not only is it disrespectful and bad karma, you actually put them at great risk without them even knowing about it. To grow MJ you need to wait until you have your own, secure place.
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    dont you have to be 18 to be on this site? If your worried about your parents, I wonder if you should even be on this site. go ahead son , disrespect your parents, when they catch you , and they will, they should kick you out or turn you over to the cops. its thier house you are risking. is it worth having your family tossed out on the street?
  5. I doubt we will get through to this one... It's not even his parents he's talking about.

    kieren01, FYI... growing with your "buddies" is a bad idea. Not only are you risking loose lips, you just added "criminal conspiracy" to your list of charges.
  6. dont just assume because i live at home im underage, i am 18 not everyone who lives at home is under 18. its not that great of a risk its fine if caught but you're right i didnt really think about parents. for mr bob i dont think the parnets will be tossed out on the street thats a bit rash. and for growwer i know loose lips can be a problem and i am a bit worried about that but i figure if we are meant to get caught then we will as im not ttrying to sound like a smartass but how did i add criminal conspiracy to this list? im not real sure what you mean by that.
    to sum up, all i asked was what would be better to use, not what your opionon on my growing situation is, smoker of pot was the only one to help so thank you.
  7. if you really want to know the answer do some searching on this site...been asked before.
  8. i think he means it will be classed as criminal conspiracy, as you wont just be breaking the law(most likely) on your own but with others hense "criminal conspiracy" but i could be wrong

    also with your parents, m8s parents etc, its not a case of them being "tossed out on the street" & that being "a bit rash" its that the law will TAKE the house, all property & more, & thats even if they(parents) didnt know i think 2
  9. Bunch of haters. Stanky hot sauce clown shoes.

    Anyway, go with a 400w minimum. I'd say get a 1000w because it's not like you guys are paying the power bill, and a 1000w system can be had for $200 to $300 (about the same as a 400w anyway).

    Also, short scrog plants take a while to grow out, you can't just bend it over and get a bunch more doja, you still have to put time into the plant. If you cannot do a sea of green (because you're growing weed, 10 plants or 25 plants... doesn't matter if you get caught really) then you might have a good chance of pulling this all off in a reasonable amount of time.

    When time is an issue hydro is a necessity, but when you need to move your setup halfway through flowering then you need mobility. I think the right choice for you guys is either coco coir or using mini rockwool cubes and hydroton mixed together. Both methods allow the plants to go 12 to 24 hours without any attention which is something you'll need. Soil is a slower grower so you gotta get into some kind of hydro.

    Spend 2 weeks germinating seeds and working through the seedling stage.
    2 more weeks vegetating the plants and developing the underbranches.
    2 more weeks flowering and sexing the plants to remove the males
    Now you need another 8 weeks or so, somewhere between 50 and 60 more days, to really let these plants finish.

    So start to finish you need 12 weeks, a 1000w lamp, 25 starter plants and hopefully at least 12 females, media and nutrients for 3 gallon planters, and you can pretty much depend on 500 grams. Maybe you get lucky with the right strain and you pull 700 grams. Setup cost is going to be around $800, with another $400 or so in additional stuff as the grow continues.

    Figure $1200 over the course of 2 months, with a $200 purchase, a $600 purchase, and a $400 purchase. Then you harvest 500 to 700 grams to "offset your personal smoking costs" at let's say 300/oz average. It winds up being $4000 cheaper to grow it yourself :) And it's only going to get cheaper because now you have the lights and the fans and the experience. The next grow is paid for and you can really put that initial purchase to good use, maybe even invest a little bit more, get your own place, and grow yourself a hash stock.
  10. lol, yes the house will certainly be seized if they find any type of grow operation going on without a lease situation. have you ever looked at this or lived long enough to see it happen? it does and damn near every time unless its a rental.

    criminal conspiracy is when two or more people do something illegal together (im being vague). It is a felony. It is major and with one witness, somewhat provable. With evidence it is absolutely provable.


    just an FYI... not like i grow weed or anything :devious:
  11. @SnowCrash: not haters, it isn't hate to advise someone against doing something foolish. The advice to not grow in his own or someone else's parents' house is the best advice the OP can get, and one day even he will realize it.

    To the OP, yes you asked a different question, but that doesn't mean you knew the right question to ask in the first place. The advice most are giving you isn't what you want to hear, but it truly is the best thing for you and is given by people who really do want to see you stay out of jail. Call it tough love.

  12. yep, no disrespect. and much love, but given your response you are being a bit dense, OP. Please look at the logistics of things in a realistic sense. Any drug charge is a felony if it has any weight behind it, and a few grams can constitute weight in the right situation.

    We dont just spout this for our health, i really would like to see you stay free.
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    if you cant be honest with the people who share thier home with you, do you really belong there? I have been in this business since the sixties and i have seen more crap than you would ever believe. people loose thier homes over grow opperations, it happens every day. draconian laws , yes. but it is the law. if you want to take risk do it on your own. dont involve innocent people.

    every thing we do has many possible consequences. its the one we didnt think of that will bite us in the ass every time.
  14. thanks for the help guys and i get where most of you are coming from, it is a bit disrespectful for the parnets and bit risky but its a max find of 2k if caught under 20 or somethign plants.
  15. seizure of personal property is has nothing to do with the fine.
  16. Rationalize, rationalize, rationalize.

    What you are saying is "Yes, you make a good point, but..."

    Just stop before the "but" thought.

    Whatever the penalty, it is not your decision to make regarding other people's property, liberties, and fate. Take your own risks if you want, don't take risks that involve consequences to others. Clear?

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