400watt hps lowryder white dwarf first grow

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  1. right well ill start by introducing myself,
    ive been smokin for years and this is my first grow,
    i start off this grow as a bit of a ghetto botchd operation, started off wit 6 seeds, went from that to 6 seedling an i had 4 20watt cfls over them went for 4/weeks under them when i decided to up the game, i got my hands on a 400watt HPS, but after only an hour under the plants went (excuse the wording) tits up and havent been right since that was yesterday, the leafs are all yellow an curly some of them are even crisp to the touch the light is 3 ft about the tip of the tlallest lady, any advice would be awesome,
    pics will follow shortly just hav to take em an upload em

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  2. What are your temps? What are you feeding/watering and how much? What soil are you using? They look like they got way too hot and either over/under watered.

  3. Pull your lights away a tad. I do not know much but I can tell you to pick up a grow bible. They usually have an answer to any question in there. I got mine for $25

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